How to make it yourself

Hygiene is not only survival, but also ordinary lives. However, it’s not a problem. I can say that I’m a European epidemiologist. But the cholera outbreaks do not prevent this from happening. As well as numerous skin diseases.

Archaic device for making soap.

For a long time, survival or autonomous existence are so vital. And, in the case of your own hands, use it as a rule.

What is needed for making soap?

  • ASH. It turns out the process of burning wood. If the wood is resinous, then it is necessary to balance the resins. Caustic soda, which is also called a soapstone, is excellent.
  • WATER. The most common, but preferably – soft. Since it is hard to enter them.
  • Fat. Fatty waste, lard, subcutaneous fat and a variety of animal waste.
  • SALT. Cooking

How to make it yourself

In the case of water, it can be used to make it.

Dishes for making soap!

Add ashes to water and boil for half an hour. During this time, we will not need it. But the resulting liquid can be considered a light lye.

The amount of lye. When it is sampled liquid potash soap, or soap glue. It can be used too early to stop.

There is a glue and a salt there. As a result of the reaction, a denser soap core is formed – “soda soap“.

Add salt. The glue runs out. However, it will not be hard yet – rather, plastic.

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How to make it yourself

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