How to make Kalashnikovs

Recently, we were lucky enough to stumble upon an interesting report on how to produce a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Let’s walk through the legendary Izhevsk plant and see how and what kind of weapons are produced here.

There is nothing unusual in the production of weapons. First, make the individual elements, then all this is collected in a machine or, for example, a cannon. That’s how they make molds for casting some parts. These models are made from the model composition (paraffin, stearin and something else). Then the models are assembled in blocks.

Suspension is applied to the block, sprinkled with sand and dried, this ceramic shape is obtained. Then a model is smelted from it and steel is poured.

Already finished parts then need to manually clean. Everything is nice, at home.

In furnaces, parts are heated to a certain temperature, as a result of which the structure of the material and its hardness change.

And this is a “salt” heat treatment bath. In the hot salt details fall.

Etching line. When the parts of the weapon are heat treated, a glow appears on them. This heat is removed by chemical means. The pickling line is already new.

Old shops look like this.

Handsomely )

See how everything was mentally at the factory. Flowers, posters, tea with sweets.

Now the plant is being modernized. New workshops appear, a large central warehouse is being built. New machines appeared here in December 2014. Now there will be no cacti.

There was a trouble with the machines too. Due to the sanctions, the number of countries that can supply us with equipment has greatly decreased. “Kalashnikov” is going to reorient to domestic and Asian manufacturers.

By the way, pay attention to the charming coat hanger and the strawberry bag!

Initially, Kalashnikov was going to spend 5 billion rubles on investments, but due to the weakening ruble, at least 6 billion rubles will have to be invested in modernization. The investment program should be completed in 2017.

By 2020, “Kalashnikov” is going to increase the volume of output and gross revenue by 3 times and at the same time reduce the cost of products in half.

Now the plant looks like a big construction site. Moreover, the repair and modernization goes in parallel with the production. In some workshops, the floors and walls are being simultaneously repaired, a new roof is being laid somewhere and new ceilings are being made.

Behind the screen is repair, and next to it they continue to make some details.

Old machines are gradually replaced by new ones.

This whole die plot will replace …

One laser machine, where all parts will now be cut.

Go to the assembly! Pressing the box with the barrel is called a “wedding”.

There are several production streams: mass products – military products and civilian weapons based on a Kalashnikov assault rifle, sniper rifles, and Tiger rifles based on a sniper rifle. By the way, the weapons that receive the name in honor of animals are called by our factory “menagerie”.

The streams are organized differently: in the first case it is a conveyor, in the second – a multiseries assembly, that is, each product is assembled by one person.

In the production process, a machine gun or other weapon passes a whole series of control points. Three – on launch, seven – on release, plus after each operation. In the case of military products, for example, the interchangeability of parts is checked.

In one area, a sporting and hunting weapon is produced (carbines “Elk”, “Leopard”, etc.) and a sniper rifle SV-98.

Despite the modernization of the equipment, the assembly principle will remain the same, with a considerable amount of manual labor.

After the “wedding” product is sent “to cover”, and from there – to the final assembly. A lid, butt, forearm, handle, etc. are attached to the trunk and box.

Land with aircraft guns. This type of weapon is produced only here, at the Izhevsk factory. The rate of guns that are installed on Russian helicopters and airplanes is up to 1,800 rounds per minute.

The plant produces about 120 thousand units of small arms per year, in the stream – about 500 units per day. This is not a full download. Initially, the plant was designed to produce 600 thousand units of weapons. In the coming years, the plant is going to master the production of new lines and increase production to 300 thousand units per year.

This year, the company intends to produce 20-25% more weapons than in the past (120 thousand in 2014).

The most popular type of weapon among the buyers produced at the plant is still the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Of civilian products, the biggest demand is for Tigers and other representatives of the so-called “menagerie” – “Leopards”, “Elks”, “Izyubrey”, etc.

A 10-minute drive from the factory is the center where they test weapons.

The classic Kalashnikov assault rifle is obsolete long ago. Weapons are constantly being upgraded. This is due, among other things, to the fact that 70% of clashes occur in the dark. Therefore, a modern machine should be convenient for night combat.

So on the Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Picattini bar appeared, on which you can mount a collimator scope, which allows shooting at night, as well as a tactical flashlight and target designator. In addition, the machine was supplied with a flame arrester, which would not give out the location of the fighter when fired.

The body kit for the machine, that is, a set of upgrades, the plant did only this year. There was a pistol grip. Butt – folding and telescopic. Such an automaton any shooter can customize.

But there is a completely new machine – AK-12. He no longer requires modernization, it is easier and more accurate than the old version of Kalashnikov. All the necessary elements on it already have. A pistol grip, a quick-release device for the magazine and a new fuse allow you to fire with one hand, with the other by performing the necessary manipulations with the weapon.

Now AK-12 is completing state tests and, most likely, this year it will be adopted for use. In January 2015, the Defense Ministry chose the AK-12 assault rifle as the main small arms, which will become part of the equipment of the Ratnik military serviceman. Already this year, the Russian army can receive up to 70 thousand samples of the “Warrior”.

Submachine gun 19-01 “Vityaz-SN”

“Saiga” 12 is.340

The carbine “Saiga” MK isp. 107 is a fundamentally new balanced automation system. As I was told, this weapon has no recoil at all. Usually, the frame of the machine pushes the shooter into the shoulder, but on this carabiner a balance bar is installed, which instantly goes to meet it. When they collide, recoil compensation occurs. “It would seem that here there are springs, two planochkas, but no one in the world has ever created such weapons. We now want to emphasize this weapon. In the world of small arms, this is not just a novelty, but, one might say, a sensation. ”

While this is an experimental model, designers are now working on weapons. Next week, the plant will receive two new models and go with them to Hungary for the European practical shooting championship, and then, perhaps, will make some other changes to the design. Already this year, the Kalashnikov wants to launch a mass production of this carbine.

You can shoot even with one hand. When firing, the carbine barrel remains motionless, which naturally increases the accuracy of shooting.

Well? Be proud of Russia?

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