How to overcome a water obstacle. Crossing the river. Part 2

How to overcome a water obstacle. In the cross, the rocks of the ford We will talk about crossing the river.

One of the most convenient types of ferry is bridge crossing. And if there is no similar construction nearby. It’s not a matter of what’s the size of the infrastructure. You can easily build a small temporary bridge yourself. The simplest version of the bridge is on the surface of the water. Narrow bridge with small flow velocity. If you’re not happy, you’ll be able to find one. The article describes the detail of the bridge.

The second option is crossing – raft. There are two or three poles (or boards). For greater convenience, the raft is knitted on the water near the shore. From above you can brush it with brushwood or reeds. You can build a raft even if you don’t have a rope. After anchorages, you can use them.

Sometimes it is fast and fast. In this case, there is no way to swim. A bag of canvas can be swim across to the opposite shore. With brushwood, and holding it like an inflatable mattress, swim. It is also possible to use various garbage foundings such as a “float” – a car wheel, barrels, several interconnected plastic bottles, a piece of foam, etc.

Beaver dam also a convenient way of crossing. The dams are strong enough. Still doesn’t hurt.

How to overcome a water obstacle. Crossing the river. Part 2

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