How to overcome a water obstacle: Crossing the river

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It was a waterfall. The first step is to find a ford. It can be crossed or driven by car. It is a rainy day. It is necessary to investigate the bottom. To at least 2 m. Leaning on a pole. At each step, it will be up to the pressure of water. If the pole is downstream – it can be demolished.

It is much more difficult to find a water river. If you find yourself in a mountain river, you can choose the narrowest article). There is no more than 1 m. Even the depth of the meter is dangerous for the crossing. It is also not recommended for rain, snow, and hail. The water level (especially in the mountains). The highest water level in the evening. Sometimes it becomes visible.

A mountain river more than 50 meters wide can swim across even at high speeds. However, you should avoid such a crossing. It is a fact that a woman is in the middle of a river. These hazards include:

  • blockage – a tree or stones blocking the bottom of the river;
  • clamp – especially clamp with an underwater grotto;
  • steep plum is the waterfall;
  • a ridge of stones like “threshold”;
  • large pitfalls located in a ridge;
  • funnels;
  • It can be carried out at a distance of 2 feet.
  • low water temperature.

It is also possible to overcome a tree. You can find a tree that is felled naturally. It is a little water. Can be replaced with poles, boards, and other materials at hand. Crossing into the stones protruding from the water. Be careful to follow the path of your movement in advance.

It would be a bit more fun to wear. It can be carried out in the following way: Then you should return, cross over with things. If you are a couple of people, they need to be transported. The strongest and most experienced member of the group.

If it is a narrow river or stream, then it can be overcome. Back to the opposite bank.

After the last reconnaissance of the frozen river. It’s necessary to ensure that it’s not a problem.

Orientation and search

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