How to overcome a water obstacle: Going through a swamp

Marshland is very dangerous to avoid such routes. The swamp has different passability at different times of the year. It is really easy to move along. It should be borne in mind that the outskirts of such marshes freeze through worse and longer. It’s a bit of a freeze, but it’s a bit of a freeze. The most recent freeze the swamp covered with bushes. It is quite easily passable, it is durable. Bogs are completely unsafe in winter and autumn.

Also, the movement through the marshland is hampered by the presence of insects, high humidity. There is no doubt that it’s possible to make it out. Rash and dangerous actions. You must make sure that you’ve been able to make it.

According to the degree of patency distinguish passable, impassable and impassable swamps. They are almost dry up. Usually they are covered with thick grass and sedge. Impassable swamps are covered with water, moss and bushes. Often, too, dry up in the warm season. It is worth to pass such as one after one, after preliminary exploration, stepping on hummocks, grass and moss. And finally, the most dangerous type is impassable swamps. You need it, and it requires appropriate skills.

How to overcome the swamp?

Do you need to loosen the bag? You need to get a strong stick, better – a pole. If the group moves – each member should have a perch. The pole must be held horizontally. He will not be able to go on the soil. Splavin water in the water. If a “window” is seen in the raft, it is a gap. It can be a lot of trouble. It’s impossible to step on the rafting!

When moving it is worth keeping close to the trees, shrubs, avoid swamps. It is filled with trees and hummocks, it is filled with water. A sign of swampy marshes is their haze. It can be impossible to swim. It was not possible to go through the train. Avoid hollows – deep holes filled with water. It is possible to complete the bays with the help of a gati, formed from poles.

In case of moving through narrow, it can also be used in the field. It is not necessary to move on with your child’s foot. an even distribution of body weight. Use the pole as a support. It is advisable to leave the tape back, tape, rags, which you can find the way back.

If you are going to go through a fusion, you can keep your composure. First try to get rid of the backpack. Then try to crawl to the side.

Of course, it is easier to avoid the ways of avoiding marshland. But if there is no choice, then follow your wish.

How to overcome a water obstacle: Going through a swamp

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