How to physically prepare for a trip to the mountains

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When planning an active vacation, it is useful to soberly assess your physical fitness and think about how to physically prepare for the trip. Such an assessment acquires particular relevance if it is intended to ascend, even to low mountains.

It is enough for a trained person to somewhat change and diversify the nature of normal loads, with an emphasis on strengthening the knees and back. To the best of the lazy citizen who is not accustomed to regular jogging, push-ups and squats, you will have to start such exercises no less than six months before an exciting event.

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  • 2Preparations for hiking in the mountains
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Hiking in pleasant company

Hiking on level groundFor a start, it is useful to determine whether it will be normal tracking over rough terrain or the same, but with climbing up to 6000 meters. In the first case, you should increase your daily load in order to strengthen your legs, back, and prepare yourself for carrying a heavy backpack.

Specialists offer various types of training according to the degree of intensity and fitness. In any case, the most useful is running, preferably over rough terrain. It’s very good to have at least a moderately heavy backpack behind you. Not fast jogging with a load of at least three weeks is an excellent preparation for the upcoming hike. Thus, not only the muscles are strengthened, prepared for extreme situations, but also creates addiction to uneven soil, reducing the risk of injury, to avoid abrasions and rubbing from the backpack.

To improve your own physical condition and visiting fitness rooms. After consulting with a trainer, it is useful to spend part of the time on the treadmill, changing the speed of the run, as well as on weight training equipment, strengthening the muscles of the back, thighs, legs. It is also important to monitor breathing, commensurate with the increasing load.

Of course, no matter how prepared, it is impossible to become a superman for some two – three months.

It is absolutely necessary daily recharge of the body within reasonable limits:

  • ordinary morning exercises;
  • jogging in fresh air;
  • exercises with an expander;
  • fitness a couple of times a week.

As a result, a hike of any complexity will bring pleasure and improve health even more.

Preparing for a hike in the mountains, walks through high hills, overcoming steep slopes, conquering small and large peaks is another matter.

Preparing to go to the mountains

hiking in the mountainsHiking in the mountains requires good physical preparation, not only muscular, you need to be confident, resilient, ready for any surprises. Even climbing a low peak along a fairly gentle slope can take 2 to 3 hours of constant movement. It is necessary to take into account that already at an altitude of 1500 m there is a lack of oxygen, breathing is difficult. An unprepared person who is not systematically engaged in physical exercise, will be difficult on a mountain hike.

Experts advise starting preparations for a serious mountain hike in a few months. In ordinary sports, you need to shift the emphasis, paying attention to the strengthening of certain muscle groups, developing endurance, the ability to equalize breathing during overload, properly assess their capabilities and correctly distribute the forces. With good preparation, even six-thousand meters are not terrible, not to mention most of the peaks of the Greater Caucasus, Altai.

Proper preparation means moderate systematic workouts and a deep rest for at least a week before the trip. The main goal of the training is to ensure endurance of the body, because halts in the mountain hike are not frequent. Classes only fitness for such a serious event is not enough, be sure to engage in jogging. It is advisable not to run a couple or three kilometers two or three times a week, gradually increasing the distance. Half an hour – an hour of quiet running in the fresh air will strengthen the body as a whole, teach the ankle to uneven ground, will teach to breathe correctly.

You can improve your physical condition by applying different types of jogging and walking. The so-called “ragged” run is effective – the alternation of short very fast and longer slow. It is good to periodically change the width of the step, steps-lunges forward, run up and down the stairs. Not be superfluous and cycling training, classes in the pool, although the emphasis should be placed on pedestrian movement.

No matter how useful the run, we should not forget about the exercises on the bar, training in the gym. The fact is that when preparing for a trip to the mountains you need to remember about the way home, that is, about the descent. It is sometimes very difficult to go down after a long and exhausting ascent.

When lowering the muscles of the hips, legs, work differently than when lifting, the gym allows you to put in order and these muscle groups.
After consulting with a trainer, you should include in the set of required exercises:

  • slopes;
  • squats;
  • squats with a load;
  • squatting “gun”;
  • squatting movement.

It should start with one or two exercises, while listening to your body, breathing, tracking the pulse. You should not bring yourself to exhaustion, it is enough to feel tired, make another effort, perform another exercise and take a break.

The theory of “one more effort” is very popular with athletes, it helps to overcome oneself, strengthen one’s will, and believe in the ability to control one’s body.

General recommendations

Preparing to go to a fitness clubAlmost anyone can even prepare himself for a hiking trip of varying difficulty, even if he doesn’t play sports regularly. It should be remembered a few simple rules.

  1. Enlist tips, and better guidance from an experienced tourist.
  2. Start training with small, gradually increasing the load.
  3. To include in the compulsory complex exercises of diverse, because in the campaign we need not only legs.
  4. Listen to your body, do not overwork it, giving a periodic rest.
  5. Remember that the payment for unexpected physical activity comes on the second – third day in the form of muscle squeeze.
  6. Do not forget from time to time to wear a backpack with things while jogging, training your back to the load.
  7. Remember that the main purpose of hiking in the mountains is communication with nature, awareness of itself as part of it.

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