How to pickle and cook a camp shish kebab right on the hunt

Any man knows how to cook kebabs. Well, or thinks he can cook. It’s arguing that it’s a calling. It is not a clear idea that it’s not a matter of course.

It is much more difficult to get a kebab from scratch. Something to catch, skinned, cut, pickle and fry. And not every survivalist will cope with this task. Therefore, we must try camp shish kebab.

The main question – why the heck? Why did they bother and come up with something? In the conditions of real survival. It is a quotation for the test of skills and abilities.

So, the conditions of the situation are limited. Tourists could not be cleaned. It is a little bit more than a little bit of vinegar. You to cook camp shish kebab.

It is clear that you’ll be able to keep track of it. Otherwise, it would be fraught with fines and the possibility of losing a weapon.

Again, let’s skip the moment of the hunt. You must understand this, or you can understand it at least. Also we will choose a wild duck, or a hare. Why them? Because they are stupidly more than they are. This is the first part of the work.

It is impossible to store it for a long time, especially in extreme conditions. Therefore, you need to cook something. AND camp shish kebab – a very good option. Why? There are several reasons for this:

  • Meat game tough. Very tough. Therefore, for two hours We do not have this time and no marinade.
  • Bake the carcass on a spit entirely – really, but rather tiring.
  • Chewing in small portions. What is barbecue? Well-done portions.

So, there is a need to be cut. If this is the case, it is as follows:

  • We make a fire and boil water on it
  • Dip duck in boiling water for a minute
  • After the feathers are removed
  • To remove the remnants of feathers and the fluff
  • Make a circular incision around the anus
  • Chop off the neck at the base
  • We chop off the wings for the first joint, legs – “knee-deep”
  • Making a big cut through the belly
  • The gut is pulled out through the central incision. We get a completely gutted carcass.
  • Hour in cold water.

It is a little bit more difficult to make it.

When the carcass is finished soak – cut it into portions. The skin is removed. It will be a bit tough, so it’s not a matter of course. If there is a fat left somewhere – fine, it will make the meat juicier. I love you to add water to your body. camp shish kebab marinate for a few hours.

Aspen or wild apple. It’s better to use it. Helping to get burned out. We still sharpened the far end – they still need to poke meat.

You’re not hiking shish kebabs cook on coals and not on active fire. If you want to get a bit more aromatic, then it is better to use birch or wild fruit trees. Fry it for about 25 minutes as the most common skewers. However, it can turn out to be harsh and with a strange aftertaste. This is a normal game.

And the main question is raised again – expediency. If this is the case, it can be done. Yes there is. Experiment. But if (when) troubles occur, it’s not possible. And, as you know, nothing, reveals any problems better than “beta testing”. You can’t get it. Surrendered? Yummy? Well, that’s great.

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