How to predict weather

For a real survivor, there are only conditions. And in most cases, the conditions are taken into account. Especially it concerns weather changes.

To build a shelter under the rain. It is not necessary to prepare for a future shelter. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to identify. signs of changing weather, good nature gives us a lot of tools for this business. So.

Temperature, humidity, wind and pressure. In short, then:

  • low temperature, low heat, low air flow, low air flow, low air flow
  • stable weather

Actually, the opposite is good. weather marker.

This is the most important thing. Why so? In the process of declaring, it can be inaccessible or simply fail.

Absolutely everyone can determine the temperature change. The movement of clouds. But the humidity is much more complicated. Fortunately, it’s very important for indicators of humidity. Grass broomstick. With the air is not straightened. You can also make a simple barometer of spruce. This is a spruce of young trunk and is cleared of bark and is rigidly fixed. The branch remains free. It is clear that it will be in the weather. You can even make a scale.

There are also a lot of indirect signs of changing weather, based on changing animals. Accuracy of the forecast. At weather changes from good to bad, the following is observed:

  • it doesn’t dissipate in the morning (increased humidity, shifting condensation point, etc.)
  • Hen you fly
  • The ants are better than those of the earths and the earths.
  • the air becomes a richer
  • smoke and pressure spreads

The opposite signs are characteristic. Already this data weather predictions.

It is reliable a sign of changing weather. Briefly and simplified, then:

  • clear weather – no clouds, or tattered lonely cumulus clouds
  • clear changes to cloudy clouds and cumulus-tower clouds. It’s not the same direction as the movement.
  • stable overcast – layered and layered rain
  • overcast changes to clear sky

Of course, there are a lot more cloud types, but this and weather prediction it is better to devote a separate article. And now we are talking about. Similarly, it is not a problem. But these signs are calculated exclusively by experiment.

How to predict weather

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