How to prepare?

Preparation makes disaster a disadvantage

How to prepare for the impact of the elements in a few hours?

  • Check if the whole family took a shower. This can be a last bath. In extreme conditions, hygiene is extremely important. Girls forward.
  • Washing. Let as much clothing as possible be clean and ready. Many skin problems are solved with clean clothes and underwear.
  • To collect as much as possible. Use this first, before affecting the water supply.
  • Charge all mobile phones, radios, replacement batteries.
  • Cash out as much as possible at an ATM.
  • Fill the tank and get as much fuel as possible.
  • Turn on the radio and / or TV on the local news channel. CB – on the emergency frequency.
  • Put the chains on the tires if necessary.
  • Take an inventory, go to the store if something is missing. Water, food, batteries. This is a job for men, if you have one. It is three days. Want to see a new speed record?
  • Have backup lighting ready. Lanterns, candles, matches, HIS.
  • Hurry up to close / seal the windows outside, if necessary. A mechanical hammer will significantly speed things up.
  • Kicker all plumbing to complete destruction of microbes. Gathering water in the bathtub, sinks, washing machine, children’s pools, buckets.
  • If you have a basement, prepare a pump to pump out water. Well, if it can be powered from the battery.
  • Overload the alarm kit in the car, immerse as fuel. Weapon and ammunition after decision to evacuate.
  • It can be a hot meal. Wash the dishes.
  • Keep a first aid kit ready. In the absence of qualified honey. help people manage to die from cuts.
  • Get ready and go crazy. Keep your guns handy.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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