How to prepare and survive the disaster: 10 tips

Emergencies are natural disasters: floods, hurricans, earthquakes, and man-made disasters – accidents, fires, even terrorist attacks. The catastrophe is quite real. You can say – only a matter of time.

Strikes a person, it is shock, anxiety and fear. At the next stage, a state of confusion and mental confusion arises. How to find out if close people survived? Need to evacuate? It is a result of which people often have to paralysis paralysis.

The situation worsens at the first symptoms of hunger and thirst. It can be most likely to devastate most stores. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll

The following days, if not weeks. There will be no use.

Disacters of the nature: the uncontrollable crowd of people, theft, looting, murder for food …

Here are the 10 ways to prepare to survive the crash:

1. Products

On a food search. Consider the scenario you need. In the household, you are a grandmother. Who will you send for food? It’s a good idea. What about your own family?
For this canned food and cereals. It is difficult to bring peace of mind.

2. Fuel / power supply

This is a mechanism for fueling. Stock up on a generator and enough fuel to operate the equipment. Or use supplements for gasoline to increase shelf life. Local regulations limit storage of large quantities of fuel. Install a safe to secure storage space. Take an inventory if necessary (yes, survival in a catastrophe is also a routine, including). Store propane – it has an indefinite shelf life.

3. Medicines

Medications – antibiotics, anti-GI drugs, antiseptics, painkillers, and even conventional dressings – seriously increase your chances of surviving a catastrophe. These chances tend to zero.

In addition to the obvious medical essentials such as over-the-counter painkillers and bandages,

It is recommended that you buy ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine; and antibiotics: amoxicillin, ampicillin, doxycycline, or azithromycin. Check out your personal doctor’s account.

4. Blankets and awnings

If natural disasters take a shelter. Emergency compact blankets and awnings – a great backup option.

If floods are expected, for water barricades; for pumping out water.

5. Water

Store enough water and use a portable water purifier. Stands for up to 10 days without water, but the painful effects of dehydration are guaranteed.

When calculating the amount of water for storage, take into account family members. Daily intake of water – 2-3 liters. per person.

6. Weapons

Survival is a disaster. Protect yourself and your family. Seeking to be ready for potential attacks.

7. Extra cash

When shopping for goods, cash will be king, while barter goods will be sold. Small bills to avoid problems with delivery. If you are planning on an emergency fund.

8. Neighborhood clan

Neighbors are the best defense. Develop a plan and decide who will contribute financially, mentally or materially. If you stick together and help each other.

9. Safe route

Disasters begin unexpectedly. Unfortunately, most people have to spend their time at work or at school. Mark your routes on the map. If you are not a sign of the

10. Tools and accessories

Check the condition of the equipment. A faulty pump, a gasless generator, a gas pump when it comes to a catastrophe occurs.

How to prepare and survive the disaster: 10 tips

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