How to prepare for a hike in the forest. Equipment for hiking in the forest

Trekking in the forest requires careful preparation, especially if it concerns inexperienced tourists. In addition to moral, physical training, the availability of willpower and resistance to stress, it is necessary to have equipment equipped with everything necessary, including in case of emergency. If you prepare well, going to the forest will bring only positive emotions. How to prepare for the hike, so that only pleasant impressions are left of it, you can find out further.


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How to prepare for a hike

First you need to determine the purpose of a multi-day trip to nature, as well as a place. Inexperienced tourists are not recommended to make the first foray into nature too far from home. Preparation consists of preliminary drawing up the route, familiarization with the map of the area of ​​the designated point. It is advisable at the same time to plan your daily routine, for example, not to be in the middle of a marshland when you need to prepare for the night. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you need to develop in advance an additional route with workarounds. This is useful if there are blockages, landslides, or road repairs on the paved path.

For the organization of the hiking group and the creation of discipline, it is necessary to choose the “senior” – the most experienced participant who will be responsible for the whole group, to make decisions when unforeseen circumstances arise. He will help to orient members of the group to successfully pass the route.

Not in any place can be reached for free or on foot. If the trip is planned without the use of personal transport, you need to bring money, documents, tickets, insurance policies.

Also, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you must leave the contact details of all members of the tourist group and detailed information about the planned route to relatives or another trusted person. It is better to leave a copy of the map with the plan of movement.

Camping in the woods

Going to a forest hike, you need to have at least an idea of ​​the animals living there, the maximum is to subtract detailed information about them on the Internet. It will not be superfluous to know information about snakes and animals dangerous to humans, as well as the rules for first aid.

After the participants are morally prepared, they need to collect the necessary equipment in the forest.

Equipment for hiking in the forest

Equipment for hiking in the forestThe most important thing that one cannot do without during a hike is a tent, a backpack, a sleeping bag, a foam travel mat, and a piece of foam for seating. Of course, we must not forget about the compass and the map. The rest of the equipment for hiking in the forest is listed below.

  • Clothes and shoes

Need to prepare for any weather. Shoes should be comfortable and durable. It is best to wear shoes that are firmly tied at the ankle. If you do not plan to climb into a thick thicket, you can wear regular sneakers or sneakers. Clothing should provide protection from insects, in particular, from ticks. Therefore, be sure to attend a hat. Clothing should be lightweight to put in a backpack, without creating unnecessary gravity. Depending on the season, thermal underwear is useful. Raincoat – an indispensable thing when hiking. It must be durable so that it does not break from the branches. It is not necessary to take a lot of things with you, only what is worn and a pair of spare things is useful, as well as clothing for the night (thermal underwear helps). It is desirable that the clothes were bright and noticeable.

  • Hygiene

These and some other things can be taken individually or divided into group members. Be sure to take with you toilet paper (the more the better), which is a universal thing, soap, toothpaste and a brush. Useful dishwashing liquid. Shampoo is not necessary to take, soap replaces it well. Instead of a towel it is better to take a sheet – it is light, large, it can be broken into several towels or used as a dressing. Scrunchy, tweezers, sewing kit will be useful in the most unexpected situations.

  • Food

You need to take a dry ration, salt, sugar, pepper, soda, packaged in small bags. The rest of the food is distributed among the participants of the group, its composition is selected depending on the duration of the hike. The main thing is that it is not perishable.

The canister with water can be carried in turns, or distributed among the participants of the hike. In the campaign useful 5-7 liters and more pure water. In case of shortage, you need to take filters for water purification. A set of KLMN – mug, spoon, bowl, knife, if possible, better from iron. It is durable, dishes made of iron can be put on the fire. Bowler clings to a backpack, so as not to take up much space.

  • Medicines

Be sure to come in handy: a bandage (elastic and normal) or gauze, cotton pads or tampons, heartburn remedies, nausea, painkillers. Adhesive plaster, activated carbon, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, aspirin, iodine are also needed. In addition, we must not forget about the individual drugs. Do not forget about the means of ticks and mosquitoes.

  • Tools and other items

Essential in the campaign: matches, soaked in paraffin, lighters (several pieces placed in different places), a hunting knife, a flashlight with batteries, a piece of plexiglass, a mirror, a means for ignition (you can make a tinder). In addition, always need candles, screws, screwdriver, pliers, handsaw. If space permits, you can take a small ax. Equipment for fishing can be useful in other situations. And of course, a miniature NAZ will always save you in an extreme situation, the configuration and size of which can be chosen individually.

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