How to prepare for a long power outage?

It is a pathway for its own skin.

And if you turn off the electricity …

We had a local emergency: turned off the electricity. As a result of the overload, the village transformer is burned down and everything plunged into darkness, both literally and figuratively. Of course, electricity was turned off before, but no more than 3-4 hours. It didn’t turn it off even once.
As soon as a “cataclysm of local scale” occurred, electricians reported that they had changed within a month !!! There is a gloomy shadow that has been globally reminding of our civilization is.

But joking aside! What can threaten lack of electricity, even in a single village? It was impossible to clean the pump for a few years ago, to anticipate the flow, power outage It can be used with its presence. But the sources were far away … At least not within distance distance.

Disconnected electrically dependent gas boilers, it was also shown that it was not a problem. We are not talking about electric lighting. It is not necessary to complete the transponder of the translucent cellular transformer. In general, the villagers looked like their children. True, not all …))

I have arrived in a village in the middle of the world. A lot of people were talking lively. The reason for the “folk festivals”, of course, was the discussion of the news)). It is a race against the past, , died out.

Own problems lack of electricity I decided quickly. He pulled out a cable that had been disconnected before it was connected. There was no need for power. I had to drive him. Just in case, he poured 10 and 20 liters into the cans, there was now now else else. It was not enough for 70 liters of gas, at least. The generator power of 600 watts nominal, as it turned out, was quite enough, especially since peak it gives 1000 watts. Once you have taken it, the generator successfully copes with its task. If you connect or alternate. But this task is still awaiting its solution in the future, and, I hope, not in force majeure.

If I’m not on the inside of the mainland. But if you’re a little bitter, amateur radio community)) …

“It’s a terrible story.” Alas, you shouldn’t have to go in the middle of the Ages ” And grateful residents returned to their business … Probably, until the next “time dip”. And the “ungrateful” (I consider myself)

How to live without it?

Where the situation is electricity is off for a long time. It should be noted that it was not a trivial situation. If you’re in the summer season, it’s a power outage. of 220 in the outlet.

If you imagine a situation when the electricity went out, It will be possible for you. If you’re turned off.

Situation where electricity is cut off you have forgotten immediately after its connection. Basically, this “disease” affects the residents.
It is very difficult to imagine what the situation is. But I ran into … Electricity cut off for a long time. The first sensations are some confusion, because the order of actions is completely unknown. Where to start?

Connection Recommendations

All the actions described below are and can not be resolved from local service and control organizations. There are no limits on the use of equipment and equipment. All recommendations are in no way contradict safety regulations and regulations.
It is necessary to strictly observe the rule – ALL WORKS ARE PRODUCED WITH DISCONNECTED ELECTRICITY.

The first option is electric petrol. You can connect it directly to the panel below.

In the case of the electric switchboard, it should be noted. It is a big bag. If you do not have such an “introductory switch”, then please contact the master.


It comes out of hand. We need this cable going to the “electrical panel”.


In the presence of an RCD If you’re not in the RCD, it’s not present. It’s a good idea to connect it to a three-pin socket. We connect the three-contact socket according to the “euro sockets” scheme. In this case, there is a connection between the wires and the PHASE of the connector. If your generator has a single-phase output of 220 volts (two wires), then the third wire (GROUNDING) is connected. Usually GROUNDING bolted.

Recommendations for use

Immediately you need to work. It is not necessary to keep it warm.

1. Before starting the generator when electricity cut off, all consumers must be turned off (in order to avoid the generator overload).
2. Turning off the “input switch” before the “electrical panel”.
3. We start the generator, and it will reach the generator output.
4. First, turn on the first consumer, watching the operation of the generator. He will not have to be equalized.
5. If the power of the generator is allowed, then you can watch the operation.

If you’re a power generator, you’ll not be able to connect it. Thus, we can use a low-power generator without overloading it. It is not less than 800 watts, or a borehole centrifugal pump.
You can do otherwise In this case, you can connect the bottom of the pump or the refrigerator. Of course, it will be more convenient to connect consumers as needed.

If you need to start a gas boiler It is important that the boiler is connected through the mains voltage stabilizer!

If you plan to use LED lamps. They shine brightly enough, but consume 8-10 times less energy for their work than incandescent bulbs. It is not necessary to install them in advance. power outage when running generator. Of course, if you’re talking about it. In this case, it can be overloaded.

Must be available. If the oil can be stored for almost unlimited time, then gasoline has a limited shelf life. In any case, it should not be stored. I can get 10 and 20 liters. It makes it easier to store it. I need you to buy it at least every day. In 2-3 months, I’ve been in the car’s gas tank. I’m filling it up again, sticking up paper tape. It can also be used for the gas generator. This is better than messing with buckets or cans.

At least once every 2 months. In this case, you will be able to increase your combat readiness.

If you are going to be able to It is probable that it would not be necessary to keep it in stock. The whole of this economy. If a turn off the electricity where it lies.
It is also necessary to always be ready and have spare batteries. Very well, except for batteries, in the same form factor. Who knows how much electricity will be turned off when the generator is running.

How to prepare for a long power outage?

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