How to prepare

It’s not always a matter of course. Now a little more detail tezisno.

If you enter an unfamiliar building, try to remember where the exit is. Pay attention to emergency exits, which are marked with green shades with a pictogram of a person. Pay attention to what side they are on. Considering the latest trends, what are the emergency trends?

If you pass by the signs with evacuation plan, remember where it hangs. This is a rule that these buttons are on the wall.

If you come to a big store, cinema, theater, hold his hand. Never lose sight of the child.

How not to panic

All the instructions don’t panic. In fact, this may not be so easy, however:

  1. Try control breathing. It can be taken as a rule. Focus even for a moment. This will help regain control of the psyche as a whole.
  2. In no case don’t run, if such a desire arises.
  3. Focus on on simple automatic actions. If you are a woman, you need to be able to get in touch with you.
  4. If you have a child, speak to him, calm him with words. It is not a problem to explain the situation to another person.

First actions at danger

If there is a fire alarm in the room, you will hear an alarm. It is a characteristic high squealing sound.

Perhaps there will be no signal. “Fire!” First determine if you can get out of the room where you are.

If possible, immediately remove all synthetics, jewelry, rings. Synthetics is flammable, melts and sticks. It can be sweetened up. Next – about the door:

  • If the door is closed, it will touch the metal handle or the door surface itself. If it is hot, then you can’t go out.
  • The door can be opened. If the door opens “from one side”, if it is “towards oneself” it will open. If there is no active burning, it can be a burst of flame.
  • If there is less than ten meters, it is also dangerous to go out.
  • It is a little chance of getting out. Leave now.
  • Close up for the door behind you. Make sure your loved one or child is near you.

You must immediately call the rescue service: 112 from mobile. Talking with the dispatcher, do not rush, speak loudly and clearly. If you want, then you can’t let you go. What are your first and last name?

If you can leave the fire zone

  • Move away from the place where it is burning. Remember where you saw the evacuation plan. If possible, use it.
  • On the road, if possible, turn off the light – switches, shields.
  • Do not use elevators, they can get up at any time.
  • Do not stand and do not go to full height. Crouch, if necessary, get down on all fours. Filling up the whole room.
  • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief, any other cloth. If possible – wet (you can wipe the sweat from the forehead). If there is no suitable thing, try to breathe at least through the sleeve.
  • Close the door behind you.
  • Do not come back. Find a rescuer, a policeman, tell me what exactly. This will help rescuers in search of others.

How to survive in the crowd

Separately, I will raise an old article on this topic.

  • Try to push them from behind.
  • If someone near you panics, keep him from the sudden movements.
  • If you are leaning behind you.
  • If a crush has been begun, bend your elbows, press them against the ribs. Sharply tilt the case back. Try to go forward in this position.
  • If you are on the floor, kneel down and kneel down. Then sharply straighten the body, pushing his foot off the floor.
  • If you are on your shoulders. If you’re not in the room, you’ll not be there.

If you can not leave

  • Find a large piece of cloth, such as a curtain, cover it with it.
  • Try to provide yourself with a wet scarf. If you have access to water Try to keep the floor wet.
  • Look around the roof or fire escape.
  • If there are no ventilation holes. Close the windows.
  • If smoke begins to enter the room, try to stay as close as possible to the floor.
  • If there is a window, keep close to it. Do not break the window. Inflow of air will increase a flame.
  • If you have not prepared a fire awning.
  • If there is a fire extinguisher near you, use it.

Wolf ops

How to prepare

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