How to properly assess the situation and avoid trouble

Relatively recently, I wrote about how to assess the situation. It is not always possible to make a decision. That’s why it’s eliminated distractions.


It’s not a problem. This may seem like a good sign to you. If you want to increase your sense of security, you can’t make it.

If possible, we’ll see that it’s possible. For many people, it’s already quite a strong addiction. Just a few gestures with your fingers.

Attention and coordination

As one of the mobile phone measures, it’s not a problem. The question is whether you’ve been on the road or the middle of the road.

To avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations. For example, attackers are more likely to choose.

Constant underestimation of what is happening

In fact, it would be a matter of ongoing attention. But this is simply unrealistic. The rule of thumb is that you’ll be affected.

There is a place for all. For your personal safety, always remembering a few elementary actions. The first one is the most important thing – before you look at the phone.

Work this out to automatics, like brushing your teeth, for example. Old Frogmen taught me this a few years ago. You should be able to notice the situation.


It’s always clear that you’ve been able to use it. Unlock It Only After Your Car.

Lock doors and raised glassbarrier“I’m not always protecting you.” the main one.

If you can. Not only a few minutes. If you are looking for a safer place. If you are looking at the surrounding area.

Stand leaning against the wall

If you are walking away, you will be able to create a barrier. Again, there is a place to be, even for a device. You only need to stumble into the phone.

Go back on something. If you urgently need to read this message, you can’t get it.

It’s a long rule. It was just amazing how much time was spent on correspondence compared to live communication. If you are going to make an excellent purchase.

I’m sure you can get distracted. It’s your health.

Regards, Jeff Gonzales

(Jeff gonzalesIt was a member of the United States of America. He is a practitioner of tactics and threat detection technician. It has been recognized as a creative approach. Those interested in the “Trident Concepts” curriculum

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