How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

Whether you are moving to a new area, go on vacation, get a home with a pool or in an area prone to a natural disaster or another, such as floods or fires, it is important to make sure your home is safe. . In the era of advanced technology and social networks, it is becoming easier for home invaders and thieves.

There are some things that can be done inside the home and around the property that will help ensure the safety of your family and your valuables. Whether you’re on vacation, at home, at work or on the weekend, there are several things you can do to keep your home protected. You can ask a reliable neighbor to watch the house while you are away or get an alarm system for your property.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

Whether you are away from home or not, here are some easy suggestions on how to protect your home.

Holiday security

When on vacation, it can be discouraging to try to keep your property protected. These are some easy ways to stay safe while you enjoy your vacation.

Make the property look lived in

Keep the garden / lawn maintained, have people come and go as a nanny. If your garden and lawn are maintained in good condition, trimmed hedges will make your property look inhabited and less likely to be a victim. This is also useful with hiring a trusted friend so that you feel at home for you while you are away. If someone comes and goes at different times throughout the day, then it will not seem empty.

  • Arrange for a trusted and reliable neighbor to pick up your mail. If your mailbox does not overflow, it will not reveal the fact that it is not there. This will also deter would-be thieves from looking for your home.
  • Do not post your vacation plans on social networks. As difficult as it is, avoid listing any information to give away plans for your vacations, weekend trips or day trips. This is the easiest way for home invasions to obtain quick information. So make it difficult for them.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed and secured. This may seem very obvious, but many forget to close the windows. Make sure your windows and doors are locked, but looking “normal” as you always have them is important to maintain the illusion of the house in which you live.
    It is also useful to have lights with timers so that they can be turned off at a certain time of day, if a housekeeper can not be found. You can also place a length on the highest step of the garage door, preventing it from opening or forcing open, and also helps to keep the garage door closed at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables, jewelry or keys in obvious places. Your keys and valuable things should not be easily visible from the windows or in typical places (like leaving jewelry in the master bedroom). You must separate your keys.

The external door key must be separate from the key to the garage door and the key to the safe or other rooms. This makes it harder for intruders to get anywhere. If you are hiring a dog sitter / walker or housekeeper, then you do not need your complete key ring. They only need a key.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

And if that key is compromised, stolen or lost, it would be easier to know what key is and replace it. Do not leave expensive items, such as bicycles, lawn mowers, game equipment, gardening equipment or tools, that extend through the yard, as this may give thieves the idea that there is much more inside to steal. It is also important to make sure that your windows are a parent at a distance from an arm away from any lock.

Quick methods for a safe house.

Sometimes, we all need to feel safe. It can come in many forms, and on several occasions. A new house, a new location, new neighbors or a new family: whatever the situation, there are many things you can do to protect your home.

Get a dog

This may seem silly, but there are many dog ​​breeds that are good with children, which are a great deterrent to theft and are excellent alarms and protectors. You will want a loyal and familiar dog that has a great protective instinct. But just as with any dog ​​you want, regardless of its size or history, it must be properly trained from a young age. The best breeds would be Bullmastiff, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Newfoundland, Bernese mountain dogs, Pittbulls and Rottweilers.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

Dogs can be loyal and very rewarding to have around. These breeds are the best for the protection of your family and property, and can be well integrated into your family. Some require more exercise, while others require more maintenance, so it is best to investigate for yourself, which dog best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Invest in surveillance cameras.

There is a variety in the market today and the best of them can help you save expensive fees for a complete security system. These DIY systems will not turn your home into Fort Knox, but they may be just what you need.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

The best of them would be the DropCam Pro Wifi system ($ 211), the Piper Classic all-in-one security system ($ 300) and the Ismart premium alarm package ($ 270):

  • The DropCam Pro Wi-Fi system will provide bi-directional conversation capabilities and can be integrated with other Nest features such as the learning thermostat or the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, alerts and night vision. If you are in a small house or an apartment with only one entrance, then this would be an excellent starting system for you. It also has the iOS, Android application to view and control.
  • The Piper system has an HD camera, connects to the WIFI network at home, has an automation function that allows you to connect lights and devices and control them remotely through the iOS or Android application. This system has alerts in real time.
  • The Ismart alarm system is another wireless system and has a very strong siren that reaches 110 decibels. Record low resolution video, motion sensor, two door / window sensors, night vision, remote motion controls through iOS or the Android application.

Create multiple layers of security

There are some simple things you can do to make your home safer. The first thing is to get better locks on your doors. There are some very good quality locks, Medecco Maxum ($ 165) and the Assa M80 series.

With these locks, you’ll want to invest in a better attack plate (like the Prime-line security strike) to keep your door from yielding to the kick that normally has normal attack plates. With the updating of the locks, make sure that the door is not hollow core or weak, because even if the lock is good, a good kick can go through the door.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

Another thing you can do is get a mirror tint in your windows. This will make it difficult for anyone to see inside their windows. You can also make sure that there are no transparent curtains on the windows that allow people to see your home and see your valuables at night. Another way to reinforce the windows would be to make sure that your glass is resistant to breakage or even double the amount of glass.

This can be found in glasses similar to windshields. You can add some opaque window treatments to make it more difficult to see what you have. In addition, outside the house, you can place spotlights activated by movement, solar lights or timed lights. The more enlightened your property is, the more it will deter thieves. Creating multiple layers of security on a regular basis can help deter thieves from not seeing your home and property.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Security systems for a safe home.

If you are concerned about the safety of your property and your home, and want to get something heavier, you should consider one of these three home security systems. Frontpoint, Protect America, and ADT.


This state-of-the-art, fully cellular home security system is ranked at the top of the list. It has a monitoring system 24 hours and there are no installation costs (since it is a DIY service). It comes with a 1 year contract with a 2 year warranty for the equipment.

It has the ability to detect carbon monoxide, smoke and fire. It can alert you to an emergency or when a child returns home. They have services available that can detect extreme temperature changes, water leaks, flood hazards, natural gas leaks and energy loss (with battery backup). Frontpoint has many different services available according to the needs of the client.

The services installed differ according to the equipment installed. It is wireless and customizable with motion sensors, personal safety devices (such as a pendant), door and window sensors, garage sensors, glass break sensors and recessed doors, and your pet (up to 40 lbs). It has a security camera and is extremely easy to use in non-emergency situations. Like the other options, it has Internet and cell phone monitoring, access to the online account, is interactive with the application, notification tracking and home automation.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

The only drawbacks are in its second response time slower (30 seconds) behind ADT, the fact that larger dogs will activate the system and its lack of 2 way intercom service. But with wireless and cellular technology, easy installation and free trial for 30 days, this would be my best option for home security. The packages of this product range from $ 35 to $ 50 per month.

Protect america

This is my second option due to its excellent first line system at really affordable prices. It has a 3-year contract, which is much longer than Frontpoint, and does not have a natural gas sensor. But it has a faster response time (20 seconds) and has the ability to intercom 2-way, all-inclusive monitoring packages and free equipment.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

The rest of the features that Frontpoint has, this one also has. There are different packages to choose from, depending on your needs and have a free home security consultation. Prices range from $ 20 to $ 43 per month.


This company came to my list due to some different things. ADT is a name that everyone knows and associates with home security. But why? They have plans that are easy to adapt to fixed and cell phone customers and, depending on how much you want to spend, you can adapt your home to one of the best home security systems in the world.

They will send an associate to your house to assess what services you may need, and while most are wireless, there are some features that should be incorporated. ADT comes with most of the features that everyone wants and its pet feature allows for up to 100 pounds so that your dog does not activate the system. Your packages start at around $ 36, and they have an installation fee of $ 99. With the name of ADT and its reliable history, it’s an obvious addition to my list.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

Regardless of the system you prefer, the best you can look for are good monitoring services, alerts, equipment and a good help / support system. It is necessary to have access to a 24-hour monitoring system and a reliable customer service, since, in a crisis, it will be vital to have a quick access to the support you need.

With your equipment, you want a system that protects all entry points in your home. The best ones are compatible with security cameras and can be controlled remotely via cell phone or computer while you are away. You also want a system that has a siren alarm with motion sensors and environmental sensors to keep your home and family safe and protected.

Of natural disasters

If you’re worried about floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and things like that, there are some quick things you can do around your property to better prepare for the intense weather that Mother Nature has in store. Here are some options that do not require additional insurance coverage that you can not afford.


  • Elevate your home in areas prone to flooding
  • Raise any heating equipment, circuit breakers, fuse box, ventilation or cooling.
  • Check the valves or install them, if necessary, to prevent water from flowing back into sewer drains
  • Anchoring the legs of the fuel tank in the concrete

The hurricanes

  • Create a safe room inside your home.
  • Use clips, anchors and straps to secure buildings with wooden frames
  • To reduce the lifting load of the houses, make sure that the final wall of the pitched roofs is reinforced.
  • Reinforce the garage doors to give greater resistance.

Forest fires

  • Create a 25-foot safety zone to separate your home from grass and vegetation that is combustible. The pools and stone walls can act as a heat barrier and help deflect fires.
  • Remove residues from rain gutters
  • Store combustible materials in their proper containers and store them away from the house.
  • Prune the branches to keep them free of dead vegetation and away from the house.


  • Reinforce your home using storm shutters, clamps and hurricane straps
  • Reinforce the garage door.
  • Make sure all double doors are secured at the top and bottom with pins and bolts
  • Understand the difference between the hurricane alert (immediate threat) and a hurricane warning (expected within the next 24 hours).

Regardless of why you want to protect your home, it is good to be prepared for any eventuality. Whether you want to get a dog, trust a family member to sit at home while you’re away, invest in a good home security system or just take a DIY surveillance camera, there are many options available to you. you in this age of technology.

How to Protect Your Home: Helping Prepare for Any Situation

There is no reason to be afraid and many options can be adjusted to low budget or high technology needs to meet the needs of the home. Just remember not to advertise the valuables you have in your home, do not keep gardening equipment, outdoor toys or gardening equipment in sight if you are going to be away from home.

Remember to keep the doors and windows closed, and do not store all your keys in the same place, and if you believe that a pet is the best way to protect your home, be sure to take the time to research the Breeding what you want and train so that also have a loving and loyal partner.

Take the time to see your home and property to see what option suits your needs. The options are broad and vary according to the style and amount you want to spend. Nobody wants to invade your home, but these tips and ideas will help defend your home for better peace of mind.

Preparation basics

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