How to protect yourself in a fight

“If a fight is inevitable – hit first!”

No one wants to get injured fights. Think about the real danger. Fighting seems commonplace, after the national school. If only pride usually suffers.

Cripple you or even kill you. Who are these people? They are robbers, gangsters, madmen, criminals and even terrorists. In such cases, it is not minimizing harm. Of course, you can’t get any injuries.

Assessment of the situation before the fight

How to protect yourself in a fight? Think before it starts. Think about the price of living before fight. If you are faced with a thief, then often it is. A cell phone, money or jewelry is not worth your health or life. It is better to buy a phone than a new wheelchair.

Look carefully at your opponent. He will put his hands. A probable weapon. It can be a knife, brass knuckles, a pistol or other weapon. Try to avoid a fight. The best way out will be run away. It is necessary to divert the enemy using the path. After this, you should quickly escape. It is easy to knock out weapons from an opponent. In reality, in 95% of cases, the enemy will have time to use weapons. It will either hurt or cause a serious wound.

Protect yourself

Is planned fist fight and there is no way to avoid it? Is it the enemy waving his arms? Do not hope that you can withstand a direct blow. Protect your body and dodge the blows. Stand up as a boxer in the ring: protect your face and ribs. Spread your legs wide. This will reduce the chance of being knocked down. During the fight do not close your eyes. Closed eyes are a guaranteed defeat. You will notice where the knockout punch will come from. Protect your body. This is not a fight in the ring. This is a fight in which there is no frame.

Fight as best you can

There are no rules in a street fight. The main rule is get out of the fight with minimal losses. Will not mind you.

Look for vulnerable and weak points of the enemy. A blow to the opponent. You can press on the eyes, hit in the neck. Do not test the striker. Bay of the enemy.

Nobility is not for fighting without rules. Do not wait for the first strike. If you want to give up your opponent. Wrestling

Do not look at what you made your blow. Beat a series of punches. Finish it until the enemy recovers. Is the enemy reaking shaking your head? Do not wait. Beat while the enemy is standing. Do not let the enemy take a breath.

AT a fight there will be no fair duel. You can attack together, three and even a crowd. Nobleness on the street no. He can get you a knife, grab a stone, or your friends?

Excess self defense is very dangerous? Yes. This is very bad. But it is even worse than that. Do you have to break your head?

They will beat, maybe even feet. A knockdown knockout knockout Do not expect mercy. The attackers will stop. Often, bullies slaughter their deaths to death. As you can. AT a fight There are no rules.

You can take advantage of this. Do not wait for the witnesses. It’s possible to get as far as possible from the place of the fight.

How to protect yourself in a fight? Do not get in it. Not if you haven? Be the first to be aggressive and cruel. The main rule of the fight you know? Do not go into a fight yourself, but answer.

Self defense

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