How to protect yourself on the street

However, the questionHow to protect yourself on the streetIt is still lurking danger. It’s still true. you can count on them.

This is, of course, not a wild animal. If we have been able to reduce. not to mention the risk to life.

“Are there seeds? And to smoke? Cho, is there a mobile phone to call? And if you find?

There are some comedy TV shows. Only few people imagined themselves. It is a great deal of pleasure.

The streets of the wild? In fact, it’s not even the most frail and seedy opponents. Especially if there are several of them, with knives, bats or something else. And modern gopniki are often taken up with pneumatic, gas or traumatic weapons. It is a little bit more than that of the old paranoids.

Harsh truth of life begins. To find trouble. If you want it or not. There you have the problem. And either you decide or decide for you. And not in your favor.

It doesn’t change. But you can not be a victim? – you ask? Of course, you need to work on yourself, but it’s worth it.

How to protect yourself on the street?

If you want to get it, you can’t get it right now, from now on.

For any skills and abilities. The basic elements are thought of in their own right. If you are just getting there, you can’t get it.

Training of strength and endurance, practicing percussion techniques

Let’s start with the development of strength and endurance. We don’t consider threaten us. It is not for everyone. It is possible to carry out the basic exercises. We will be enough indicators above average.

It is a field for women practicing health careers and health careers. And another patio and willpower.

Training will be divided into two parts:

  1. development of muscles, strength and endurance;
  2. setting and testing strokes and techniques.

Sometimes workouts will overlap and match.

You need to study six days a week. No other way.

The number of repetitions.

Training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

No The name of the exercise approaches
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
one Push-ups on the bars 20 20 15 15 ten
2 Pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a straight grip 12 9 7 7 7
3 Pull-ups on the horizontal bar narrow narrow grip 12 9 7 7 7
four Pushups 35 thirty 25 20 15
five Squatting without the heels 20 25 25 25 20

For each exercise five approaches:

  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a straight grip will strengthen the arms and muscles of the back.
  • Pull-ups pump biceps.
  • Parallel bars help pump chest muscles and triceps.
  • Push ups strengthen hands, pectoral muscles.
  • Squats will strengthen the legs.

All training should be in half an hour. Fifteen minutes for each exercise, breaks between sets for two or three minutes. The intervals between exercises from three to five minutes. In the first couple, they will not be able to follow the rules. If you want to find out. In addition to strength, it will be possible to develop endurance. It is a combination of the number of repetitions, and so on.

This will be your base. It is a time course to complete the course.

Trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays

1. Running

Ten minutes or three kilometers.

2. Jumping rope

Five minutes or five hundred times (interruptions are allowed).

3. Pushups off the floor with a harness.

The harness is passed from hand to hand through the back. Twenty reps per set. At least five approaches per workout (one hundred times). But it’s not.

4. Staging beats with a harness

Three or three blows. It’s hard to make a difference. The harness should not be slightly tensioned. Do fifty repetitions of each beat on each hand. Such exercises will put a punch, develop speed and whip.

Why just two or three hits? It’s simple – so you learn quickly. If you can’t get it on. It is better to get a bunch of different strokes with your hands.

Additionally, you can put on your feet, but no more. Kicks should not be kicked above the waist. In this case, it’s not a problem.

Total work out three punches and two kicks. For hands, you can put the classics straight, side and uppercut. Dust in the knee. Everything for the rest is not worth spraying. Bringing to automatism is a significant advantage on the street.

5. Work with weights

We take dumbbells into the hands and just box. Peculiar battle with a shadow. We work five rounds of one and a half minutes. Breaking between rounds – thirty seconds.

6. Fight with a shadow without weighting

Five rounds of two minutes. The principle is the same as with weighting.

7. Work on the bag

For fifteen minutes. We try to combine strikes and work through the series.

In general, it was in the series immediately. Here are some options for the hits:

  • lower left and right lateral to the head;
  • a kick in the groin;
  • ligament – straight and uppercut;
  • kick to the knee and straight to the face;

Choose bundles for themselves and work out.

Use your knees and elbows – these are the strongest shock surfaces. Need to be worked out, like ordinary blows. Here is an example of working ligaments:

  • kick it up;
  • hit the knee in the groin.

For training and training all. Gopnik. More skills you do not need. If you meet your professional skills, you’re not getting enough. Do you want to martial arts professionally.

In the second part of the article “How to protect yourself on the street …It is a question of self-defense.

For now – take care of yourself!

Self defense

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