How to quickly sober a person, if he strongly “went over”

In short, it has become sober. In fact, this does not happen, because there are no such pills. But it is really possible to help a drinker.

What is important? What is important? Fatigue, stress, etc. This is not relevant.

It is a state of the world of intoxication. On the contrary, severe intoxication causes them discomfort. This is a constructive dialogue between many people who have been in charge of the movement.

How to quickly sober a person?

So how to help and ease unpleasant symptoms?

There is a drug from the group of antioxidants, which is called “Semax.” Available in the form of 0.1% and 1% solutions in the form of drops for instillation into the nose. Of course, he will not be able to completely neutralize or even completely neutralize the unpleasant symptoms of severe intoxication. It is enough to drip well. If you want to use it, you can use it.

For example, before an important report or exam. No serious side effects. The only drawback is the price of the bottlenecks.

The use of alcohol

What is important to know:

  1. 0.5-3 hours after the last dose.
  2. Every 30 ml of beer for 30-25mg%.
  3. In the elderly, there are problems with the cardiovascular system.
  4. It is a 35-45% higher than women. It increases the concentration of alcohol. The amount of ethanol in the blood is reduced.
  5. It doesn’t reduce the degree of alcohol intake of alcohol.
  6. Ethanol absorption, and develops faster.
  7. Exercise during intoxication (push-ups, squats, etc.) it is not necessary, also – due to a sharp increase in blood pressure. When intoxicated, it is fraught!

Doctor’s tips:

  1. In no case “do not lower the degree”: they started with vodka – just drink vodka. You can not drink in any way you want it.
  2. It is a fact that it will make it.
  3. If you are a “big feast”, you can get in a milder form.
  4. If you’re losing yourself, you’ll have to go through the floor. This old student method is called “grounding.” Dizziness ceases.

I hope you’ll find out. But it is better not to drink at all!

Be healthy!

The medicine

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