How to react if you dog attacks

It looks like a angry dog. It is incredibly pleased. Anyway, until the dog glet’s go to the worst, hope for the best!

ATTENTION! The article was found on the Internet, the exact authorship was not established, therefore it didn’t vouch on the Internet! Extreme caution should not be exercised in any collisions with dangerous animals. bite urgently take appropriate action!

So …

How to react if you dog attacks

  • It is something loudly. It really helps. If a dog is a pedigree, then it is most likely “Sit!”, “No!”, “Foo!” And so on. This knocks down the dog’s attack program. The dog is walking towards the dog.
  • You can just try to avoid the attack. Step aside from her path, sometimes that’s enough. After all, you’ll probably want to check.
  • It will surely bite. Perhaps it is important to sniff you now. After all, the smell is her life. Run up, sniff, understand, run away.
  • If you go to the outsider. Be grateful for you can grab your ankle.
  • Do not ignore the signs “Be aware of dogs!“Sometimes such“ mutants ”can be scored.
  • Do not run away from the dog. It is a fact that you can’t get on with the dog. It is a “pillar”, a cover to the “causal” place and not move.
  • It is simply that the dog runs away. She flies and runs away. Worse, if the dog attacks silently and purses its ears. This is a real threat to you.
  • Be careful and not panic. It is a dog that has never been able to travel. Then no one will attack you. Do not approach strangers eating dogs. The dog will immediately mark the attack on you. Just drive you away from food.
  • Avoid meetings with service, guard and fighting dogs. They have been specially developed by the people. This is their job. (A person has no chance against them – note ed.).
  • Remember that you are stronger than dogs in all respects. The dog has only your arms, legs, head, your weight, your height, improvised means. Feel more confident. (But it isn’t tempted fate.) LastDay.Club).
  • When the dog runs up – you can group and squat down. The program of the animal is triggered – it was big – it decreased, Try to appear more. This is a goal that goes by itself. 99% of the cases of the dog. This technique is used by special forces. (Against for breeding dogs, for dogs, boxers, boxers, etc.) speed up your dog’s note LastDay.Club).

From the editor to the editor. And sometimes many “sofa” tips simply do not work. We recommend reading our articles:

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And in conclusion, a wonderful movie about “how to take a dog“=)
Just imagine what happens when this “dog”

How to react if you dog attacks

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