How to remove a fishing hook from a finger?

Fishing is an activity that brings a lot of pleasant moments, especially if you return home with a rich catch. However, there are some funny moments when fishing, for example, when you manage to hook yourself. The situation seems comical, as long as it does not concern you personally. Every fisherman should know how to pull a hook out of a finger, leg, hand and another part of the body.

  • How to get the hook out of the finger, the initial action
  • 2How to remove a fishing hook from a finger, ways of extraction
    • 2.1We draw a shallow hook
    • 2.2 How to get a hook that is perpendicular
    • 2.3How to pull the hook out of a finger, seated very deeply
  • 3Treatment of a wound after having pulled a hook out of a finger
  • 4Preventive measures or how not to catch yourself

How to get the hook out of the finger, the initial action

Most often, the hook finds its goal on the body of the angler when fishing on the Donkey-zakidushki. A long leash, while in an uncontrolled area, can easily be misplaced. Catching on your own hook, the first thing you should not panic. It is ideal to go to the nearest medical center and ask for professional help, but if there is no such one in the vicinity, you will have to act independently. If there is someone else, you can ask for help. Soberly assess the scale of the lesion and proceed with the extraction procedure.

Get the first-aid kit and tools (they should be mandatory for every angler). It is important to pull the hook out of your finger as quickly as possible and prevent infection, but before that you need to carry out preparatory actions:

  • remove the bait, if any;
  • cut the line so as not to accidentally hook it and not push the sting even deeper into the soft tissue;
  • pour over the site of engagement with peroxide, chlorhexid or other antiseptic;
  • carefully consider the angle and how deeply hooked the hook.

How to pull a hook from a fingerIt doesn’t matter what kind of finger has hurt, big finger or little finger, further actions depend on the type of hook hooked on you and your pain threshold.

How to remove a fishing hook from a finger, ways of extraction

Caught on a fine hook with a small notch, problems with pulling will not arise. Lightly roll and loosen the fish hook in your finger, and it will easily pop out. You can strongly jerk and the hook will also come out without causing much discomfort. The only danger is the penetration into the puncture of some infection and the occurrence of suppuration, threatening to develop into sepsis. To prevent this, treat the wound before and after removing the hook with something alcohol-based. Even vodka will do. Dale lubricate the wound with iodine and glue with a plaster. After these simple manipulations, you can continue to fish, but with more caution.

If the hook sits in a finger deeper than expected, you have two ways out of the situation, but both are very painful.

We take out a shallow hook

In this case, it will be more difficult to remove the hook. Push the sting of the hook outward, puncturing the skin. It is necessary that the beard appeared on the surface. Cut it with nippers, and remove the rest of the hook from your finger in the same way that it got there. Treat the wound and seal with plaster. If there is a medical adhesive, you can use it.

How to pull a hook from a fingerHow to get the hook, which sat perpendicularly

When the sting of the hook came into the soft tissue at the wrong angle, you have to act more radically. The only caveat is that outside assistance is needed here, since it is inconvenient to perform the following manipulations yourself, although you can try. You need a piece of fishing line about 30 centimeters long. Wrap a hook in her finger at the bend. Take the line with one hand closer to your finger, and with the other hand, press down on the hole of the hook. With a strong jerk, pull the fishing line and pull the sting out of your finger. Pressing a hole is necessary to prevent a serious wound from breaking. Treat your finger with iodine or brilliant green and wrap with a bandage. For severe bleeding, you need to press on the finger in a place just below the puncture.

How to pull the hook from the finger, sat down very deep

The first two methods of extracting the hook seem simple, compared with the third. For it, you will need a knife (scalpel, blade) and matches or a lighter. Before the procedure, the instrument used is disinfected over a fire or watered with an antiseptic. An incision is made in the space above the beard so that it is possible to pull it out. The sting with a notch is pushed through the hole formed and actions similar to the first method are carried out.

A thick hook with a big burr is cut from the finger. Make an incision along the body of the hook and remove it from the skin. Every action should be as accurate as possible, and the instruments disinfected.

Handling a wound after pulling a hook out of a finger

Measures for the treatment of wounds from the penetration of the fishing hook are mandatory. Pulling out, carefully check it for rusty places. If any, go to the hospital without fail, and inject from tetanus.

Any, even the smallest wound from a puncture hook should be processed. Do not forget to take with you on fishing at least ordinary wet wipes soaked in alcohol solution. In situations where there is nothing like an antiseptic at hand, look for nettles. The juice of this plant disinfects the wound.

How to pull a hook from a fingerAfter you pull out the hook, squeeze out the blood and pour your finger with peroxide or brush with brilliant green. Variants of the means used may vary, based on the contents of the first-aid kit. The best option would be the presence of Ledocaine ampoules. Its solution can be local to anesthetize the wound before and after the procedure of pulling for at least 10 minutes. At the end, apply a sterile dressing on the damaged area. It is advisable to wear a fingertip and prevent the wound from getting wet. Upon arrival home, check for inflammation. You also need to monitor the behavior of the wound for several days after the incident. At the slightest complications, immediately consult a doctor.

Preventive measures or how not to catch yourself

Observing caution on fishing you can protect yourself from various kinds of trouble and just enjoy the process. Remember the following rules of behavior:

  • It is better to throw through yourself. First make sure that there are no people, animals, bushes or trees nearby. In the first case, you can pick up a neighbor, and in the second you can hook the hook into a tree or it will ricochet fly directly into you;
  • when throwing from your hand, release the line as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of injury;
  • When fishing from a boat, you are never on board barefoot, it will save you from the hook set in your finger or heel. Also always see where you sit. On a double boat, do not cast through yourself.

After the first catch of yourself, do not think that the situation will not happen again. Even professional fishermen, observing all the rules of caution, can drive a hook into a finger. Knowing the technology of its extraction and having everything at hand is necessary, you can avoid negative consequences.

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