How to remove tick – an alternative

Who is the main enemy of the tourist? No, not wild beasts – they are quite difficult to find, this time. And they two – they themselves fear you. No, not venomous snakes. If you’re walking carefully, then you don’t make any problems. And she herself never attacks the first. No, not hunger and dehydration. If you cant support your own strength. It is not a problem. As you have probably understood, we are talking about ticks.

These small vicious parasites are active. The end of the summer (August-September) are especially dangerous. It is extremely difficult to notice them; they react poorly to chemicals. Until it reaches the skin. Clutching and start to suck. Well, it’s not a problem. But no. Tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis, hemorrhagic fever and many other conditions are caused by ticks. They live mainly in his gastrointestinal tract, so you can get into the bloodstream with almost any bite. The fact that it is squeezed for the extraction of the tick can be “burp” into the wound many times increases the risk of infection. It can be prevented.

Respecting Ticks – Tools for extracting ticks. Now we offer alternative a way to remove a tick without any problems, which also works well.

How to remove tick

So. We will need: a syringe, a knife and, in fact, a stuck tick. The syringe can be taken from the first-aid kit, which normal tourists, of course, carry with them. And yes, the syringe in it, in theory, should be. Best suited insulin or syringe or two (capacity 2 cubic centimeters). If suddenly it happened, it would be no problem. The main thing is to close it. Of course, it is worthy to get drunk on your blood.

The syringe is about 5 millimeters from the base of the needle. The cut must be as even as possible.

Construction of a tong. For fidelity, it is possible to reduce the amount of water. And then – just gently pumped out the air piston. It is the rule of law. If it’s articulate before it is final, it will not be terrible. A syringe and it will pull out.

As a result, we will get a little bruise at the site, and a minimal chance of infection. If it’s ticking away, it’s not necessary to squeeze out. Local emergency room in the fall. The trail so far (May in the yard) has remained. And if there were really suitable tools, there would be no such problems.

How to remove tick &# 8212; Alternative option

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