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Immediately make a reservation that these articles are read by those who could potentially climb into your house – for your savings, valuables and other wealth acquired. Therefore, about how to hide money and valuables – then there will be recommendations, but not direct instructions on where and what to hide. And then manifest your own fantasy.

Money in the bank is not safe

That’s not news. Everyone knows that at the slightest crisis in the state, or even some kind of crap, your bank account can be blocked without giving a reason. You, by the way, re-read your bank agreement, especially where something is written in small print. Yes, on the one hand, you can keep money in a bank deposit, receive income from interest, but do not put all your eggs in one basket. The main thing that you understand it.

Moreover, in some banks there are limits for issuing cash, i.e. even in favorable conditions, you cannot suddenly withdraw all your money from a bank account if the amount exceeds the limit. Unpleasant right Your money – and you can not pick up. Nothing personal, this is business.

But back to our topic.

How and where to hide money

The first and most important thing – try not to forget where and what you hid. No, wait, laugh, I’m serious. This is a fairly common situation. Particularly paranoid individuals make a bunch of caches and then forget about the location of half of them. This is statistics, her mother. Therefore, always try to clearly remember where, what, and why you hid.

Split your values ​​according to size

  • A trifle is bills, jewels, rare coins, stocks, a miniature pistol and the like.
  • Medium-sized things – documents, books, piles of letters, small arms.
  • Large items – your computer or laptop, a wardrobe with things of some kind, a Buddha statue, after all, of gold which.

Agree, it is easier to hide things depending on the size, because for each group, you can choose the best place and not sprayed.

Forget about the bedroom

For some reason, according to statistics, people always try to hide money and valuables exactly where they sleep. Forget, fuck about it. Thieves, federal agents, the police, the very first thing they will check is the bedroom. This is also a statistics and fact.

Alternatively, here is a short list of alternatives:

  • hollow doors or window frames,
  • a doghouse, a cage with a rabbit or a chicken coop,
  • slopes in the attic,
  • ventilation,
  • at the bottom of the bag with dog food or cat litter,
  • make a double bottom in the boiler, or in a pack with napkins,
  • inside the pillows, umbrellas,
  • inside a guitar, piano, or portable radio,
  • inside of household appliances, which is lying in the garage or basement.

Again, experienced people know about these places, so take the list as recommendations for further work of your imagination. For example, a toilet bowl, flower pots and mattresses are the first things that thieves check. Well, it is, by the way.

Where to hide small values

Here the conversation will be mainly about banknotes, but again, the scope for your imagination. You can hide money, if it is in bank notes, by breaking it apart and putting it in envelopes with old letters. Inside the books are boring, such as manuals for dummies for working with PCs. It is unlikely that someone will check all your letters and books. There is a big chance, scattering the bills over a large “square” as a result, most of the money and save.

Where to hide medium-sized values

Well, you remember that we attributed to the values ​​of medium size. In principle, try to hide it so that in case of your sudden death, they will not find a lot of compromising evidence on you. Dumb advice, yes, but documents and personal letters … that is still trash, usually. Well, firearms, such as a shotgun, can be hidden in the car or in the garage.

Where to hide valuables

It’s harder, much more. At a minimum, there should be enough space in your home or place of residence to organize the cache. Double walls. Secret rooms. At the very least – at least the basement. By the way, in the basement, the easiest way is to make a secret room and hide a large one there. Do not forget to mask such a room well.

Another tip

Do not forget that thieves or other bad personalities will be limited by the time they spend in your home. Therefore, the principle of splitting values ​​into groups works very well. Having found one of the heaps, many of the villains will calm down, pick it up and dump it. Spray and distract their attention. If you have diamonds at home, for example, order a fianit from a jeweler. Put it in a nice box in a visible place. If the thieves come purposefully behind your brunettes, then finding a box with cubic zirconia in a conspicuous place, they will happily fall into the fog and will no longer carry your house. Well, you will save real diamonds by hiding them more securely. I repeat, this is just an example, but you will carry out the analogies yourself, everything is smart, right?

And in the end …

Remember simple things – you can not trust the government, you can not trust the banks. The safety of your values ​​only in your hands. Be creative, connect the imagination, when creating caches. But do not forget about the banal fires and floods, but if your house burns down along with all the hiding places, then there will be no sense from them.

How to safely hide money and valuables at home

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