How to save a drowned smartphone

In EDC, it has been a cell phone, smartphone, PDA, etc. For many people, we need to be able to communicate, Someone can not live without Internet services, which are widely used in modern smartphones. One way or another, this is a small part of our life.

If there was a problem with our device? For example crashed. Most likely to repair or change. When the phone gets wet, it becomes wet. Good not so good EVAP Rescue Pouch, the contents of which is intended for emergency cases – if the smartphone is drowned. According to the manufacturer, namely, EVAP Rescue Pouch is a “water cleaner”.

It was a time when it was seen on the Nokia Lumia 820. However, it was not a problem to draw conclusions.

So, the long-suffering “vindofon” spent about five minutes in the water. The resuscitation followed immediately: clasp was removed from the package. There were two pads stuffed with small soft balls – silica gel (silica gel). It is necessary to place the victim in the same package.

The instructions say before the procedure and remove the battery. In this case, it’s easy, but most of the modern flagships, including the iPhone, the iPhone and the iPhone.

The package should be left for 6-24 hours, allowing you to create a miracle.

Nokia for twenty hours. Periodically checking how the package increases.

It has been shown that there has been a decrease in the number of months. Especially because Rescue Pouch has coped with its task.

It turned out that it was a line. Drops of water beneath the cracked screen evaporated. The keys functions to pressing. It seems that it is not necessary to reuse the product.

In case of your order. It is necessary to reanimate the smartphone. It doesn’t matter, it can be made by yourself. Remember bags of silica gel – absorbent granules, in shoe boxes? Well, then fantasize yourself =)

How to save a drowned smartphone

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