How to save a man drowning in the water and not to drown himself

How to save a drowning man, but do not go under the water yourself? Professionally trained specialists know all about it, but unfortunately this knowledge is often lacking for ordinary people. Let’s look at all the subtleties of saving a drowning person.

  • Signs of a drowning person, correctly assess the situation
  • 2 How to save a drowning person, the basic rules of salvation
    • 2.1How to swim up to a drowning person
    • 2.2 How to save a drowning person, capture and transport
    • 2.3 Receptions from uncontrolled seizures of a drowning man
  • 3How to save a drowning person on land, first aid
  • 4Prevention of accidents in the water

Signs of a drowning person, correctly assess the situation

We all saw in the films how a sinking person, waving his arms, jumping and gulping air, also tries to call for help. In real life, everything is completely different. The moment you start to sink into the forefront of panic, and the instincts of self-preservation burrow somewhere deep inside. In addition, there may be a spasm of the throat and breathing interruptions begin. Of course, no shouting about “Help, drown!” Is out of the question, and then all hope is for those who remained on the shore. How to understand that a person needs water in water. There are several signs that will help not to miss precious minutes and start rescue activities in time when a person drowns:

  • the head of a drowning man is in one place for a long time, half submerged under water and only occasionally rises above the surface to take a sip of air;
  • a man’s gaze is directed to one side, his eyes are “glass”, he does not react to the hair that prevents him
  • hands are located horizontally on the surface of the water, sinking, as if trying to push off from the water;
  • breathing is intermittent, a person tries to lean out of the water as much as possible or to throw his head back;
  • the skin of the face becomes pale, foam can go from the mouth;
  • Sinking will not respond to calls and respond to calls to him.

How to save a drowning manWhen panic drowning the first 30-60 seconds, a person can greatly waving his arms, screaming and floundering, but after this time will completely go under water. Having noticed at least one or two signs, immediately begin a rescue operation. In such a situation, even a second of delay will cost a person a life.

How to save a drowning person, the basic rules of salvation

Correct and coordinated actions will help to save human life faster. If you are not a professional lifeguard, you should know some rules of behavior in such situations. Never swim to the rescue unless you yourself are in the swimming business. So you not only do not help, but you yourself go under the water. Measure your strengths. Sinking, already so powerless, so I can not help you.

You also need to quickly navigate and find on the shore a point closest to a drowning man. Never jump into the water in unfamiliar places. There is a risk to run into the pitfalls. Better to quickly, but gently go and then start to swim.

How to swim up to a drowning person

Swimming style “crawl” allows you to quickly get to the person. Properly swim to the sinking – behind, so you protect yourself from his hands. Remember that the actions of a person who fights for his life are incomprehensible and most often performed reflexively, so the rescuer needs to be as focused as possible and clearly carry out the sequence of actions. First of all, dive, clasp it behind the waist and try to raise it higher so that it can breathe in as much air as possible.

How to save a drowning manIf a person went to the bottom, you need to calculate the strength and direction of the flow and dive behind it. Having groped the body, take it stronger and, pushing from the bottom, with one jerk to emerge from the water. It is ideal to take with you an inflatable circle, a ball, a swimming board or other object that is well supported in the water. So sinking will be able to grab it, which will greatly facilitate your way back to the shore.

Fisherman rescue in winter fishing is different from summer. You can not get close to him standing. Lie and crawl a little towards the victim. You can use several people. Those who formed a chain, lying on the ice, have more chances for salvation than one person. Stretch a drowning stick, fishing rod, net or other object under your fingertips.

How to save a drowning person, capture and transport

There are many ways to save a drowning man and pull him ashore. The choice depends on the specific situation, behavior and condition of the person. Most often used two methods of capture:

  • having turned the drowning man to his back, clasp the palm of his jaw on both sides, without closing his mouth. Straighten your arms and head for the breaststroke. During transportation of the victim, make sure that his mouth and nose are above the surface of the water;
  • turn the man on his side, with his hand clasp the upper arm of the sinking above the armpit. Turn yourself on your side and with your legs and your free hand head towards the shore.

How to save a drowning manYou can grab a person by clothes or by hair. Quickly determine for yourself the shortest path to the land and do not stray from it. So you will save a drowning man and not drown yourself.

Receptions from uncontrolled seizures of a drowning man

If the drowning person grabbed you, immediately take steps to free yourself, otherwise he could drown you. Push off, get out, try to dive. From how quickly the savior will be released, will depend on his life and the one saved. When you grab one of your hands, turn it sharply against the thumb of a drowning man and take it to yourself. If your hand is grasped by the two hands of a drowning man, pass your hand under his arm and press his palm on his wrist. Before freeing up, take as much air as possible and try to get away from the attacker. When you need a break, do not move away from drowning in water from above, it is better to do it under water.

How to save a drowning person on land, first aid

After the first part of the rescue operation is done, and the victim was on land in an unconscious state, it is the turn of resuscitation. The vital functions of the organism come to a standstill within a few minutes,

How to save a drowning manIf the drowning man has lost consciousness even in the water, then it is necessary to begin resuscitation events already there. Take the person in a comfortable position and inhale air through the nose while closing his mouth. Your goal is to fill the lungs with oxygen until a reflex exhalation occurs and the person does not become free from the water inside.

Well, if on the shore you will wait for the ambulance crew or rescue workers. Then all further actions to reanimate the rescued will fall on their shoulders. But there are situations that help has not yet come, doctors are not around, and you have to do everything yourself. In this case, you can act as follows:

  • stand on one knee in front of the victim, put his belly down on his raised knee and open his mouth. To press his hand on his back so that the water with which he has swallowed out;
  • if a person has a strong cough and vomiting, make sure that he does not lie on his back, otherwise he may choke;
  • After the victim has gotten rid of excess fluid, put him on his back and place his knee under his head, his knee, as long as the head is slightly elevated.

A person’s lack of breathing and pulse for 2 two minutes can lead to death. Immediately proceed to an indirect massage of the heart and do artificial respiration.

For artificial respiration, a person is freed from the clothing that is constraining him, is placed horizontally and preferably on a hard surface. Under the neck, they put a roller of clothes, a small stone, their own leg, etc. The rescuer clamps the victim’s nose with one hand and pulls the chin down with the other, opens his mouth. Taking a deep breath, exhales the air into the drowned mouth. If you see that the rib cage has risen, then the air has entered the lungs. Continue the procedure every 2-4 seconds and make at least 25 breaths.

In the intervals between artificial respiration, do an indirect heart massage. Performing it on a soft surface can damage the liver, so a person should only be on a hard horizontal line. On the chest in the heart of the drowned man put their hands one over the other, fingers raised up and do not touch the chest. Perform strong and rhythmic movements. When pressed, the sternum should move down about 4 cm. Perform movements at the expense of the actual body weight, not the arms.

If an elderly person is injured, then the pressure is performed to the floor, and if the child is, then the fingers are pressed. On average, you should have 15-20 pressures in 10 seconds.

Resuscitation continues until the consciousness returns to the person. In no case do not stop, even if it seems to you that to continue is meaningless. It happens that after an hour of such actions you can achieve positive results.

Water Accident Prevention

Any accident can be prevented. The same swinging and drowning. The risk of going under the water increases with the onset of heat, when hiking in nature becomes frequent events. A good mood, a relaxed state, fed by strong drinks, lead to carelessness on the water, and the risk of drowning increases. The reasons for going under water can also be temperature drops, when a person, heated in the sun, plunges into water and loses consciousness. Too cold water can catch a cramp. To avoid drowning, listen to the following tips:

  • Do not swim too far when entering a pond. If this happens, and you realize that you will not get back yourself, lie on your back, rest and call for help;
  • deciding to independently get to the land, let us as much as possible rest;
  • do not know how to swim – swim with inflatable boats;
  • do not let the children go to the beach;
  • do not dive upside down without knowing the bottom topography;
  • It is not recommended to swim immediately after a meal, and especially after drinking alcohol;
  • resting on the mattress, make sure that it is not carried away from the coast;
  • it is forbidden to swim near bridges, quarries, cliffs and in places with a strong current;
  • just in case, attach a pin to your swimwear. You can use it if you suddenly grab a cramp.

Remember that even the master of sports in swimming can drown. Caution on the water is not empty words. Observe it, and then bathing will bring joy to you and your family, not grief.

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