How to save a person’s life?

How do you want the bars?

This is the topic of this article. It is not a lawyer who has spoken about it. Good intentions, saving a person’s life, be under investigation and, possibly, in the dock. How so?

That’s how. Read on.

Teaching methods first aid and extreme medicine some years. I conduct specialized trainings. QC program instructor. I have experience of real rendering first aid injured and moreover, experience in the medical unit. In general, I understand the little bit. Recently I observe a very bad trend. You will post materials on medical topics. Good deed like?

Maybe. If it were not for one BUT. It’s ribbed it out. education, therefore I don’t understand myself. They need subscribers. And who first wrote this article about first aid, too, no one will know. And in vain. For some homegrown doctors who give “advice” how to save a life(!!!), I want to advise others. If you are a victim of death, they give advice, it’s not dangerous.

Understand! There are no doctors, and there are no doctors.

For the most part of subscribers, are subscribers, first aid courses. It’s not the real way. And then they are hrenak! – offer to try yourself as a surgeon! For example, make the victim … tracheotomy! I like you’ve been making it like that? In case of emergency, a tracheotomy “in the field” even experienced doctors often do not have to. Precisely because they are experienced. And understand the consequences of a mistake.

Read carefully the Federal Law of 21.11.2011 N 323-FZ (as amended on 06/25/2012) “Public health in the Russian Federation“With reference to the Order of May 4, 2012 N 477n”This is a list of first aid measures.“It’s not a doctor’s rule. In this list tracheotomy NOT !!!

It is a legal framework. But it can touch. For example, at the initiative of the victim. And it doesn’t exempt from liability.

Slaughter, literally slaughter! the victim has been readingextreme medicine“Easier lung!

And there will be witness who will be confirmed. It has been taken that it has been scrambling, and it has been protocol.

You and a life to man you will not save, and yourself sit behind bars. Sit down, sit down, do not hesitate. It is not a problem. Well, for the first time, maybe it will. But the fact will remain a fact – murder through negligence.

If you think that you’ll be sorted out, then you are a complete asshole. It is best for you to meet it. You can post any nonsense, and copy yourself all this on the wall. And then go and try on friends. Worse will not be. Maybe the “zone” will teach you. Hack yourself for the nicks: if there is a murder, someone must sit down! There are only a few acquittals that can be found here.

So what, you say, now don’t save a person’s life, whether? Leave him die ??

Of course not! Saving a person’s life is NECESSARY, but do it Right!!! You will begin to help him. The will of the doctors will depend on. Yes, there will be situations where doctors will not come at all. There are places where there is no connection with the outside world. Then you have to act at your own risk. What is the point? Do you have the necessary skills? Have knowledge of anatomy and physiology ??

We have been able to help you, :

“… we’ve been stumble across the track for 1–3cm. The ring below is the air curtain. Then, we’ve put it in the field of the field. “

Well, I’m not reading, I’m reading for your finger, where you’re looking for your finger, WHERE YOU HAVE A BOXLACE BINDING ???

In the picture – a man with a knife. Trust your child with your child? If you, then, again, m * duck. Your fate awaits you behind the thorn. But what is your child’s fault?

I ask you, my friends, forgive my emotionality, but there are reasons for that. I just love you. If you’re not happy, you’ll have to do it. will live after that? ? And where is the crooked hands? Jail?

If you are not a traumatologist, you are not 100% sure of, even “saving a life“. Never do” in the field “the following things.

  • Never operate the victim where it can be avoided. The victim. There are surgeons with anesthesiologists and resuscitators.
  • Never give your pills that you need. Moreover, do not make any injections, not knowing all the “side effects”.
  • The head and abdomen. And also from the pelvic cavity. Even if with a knife sticking out.
  • It is a fact that it’s not a problem.
  • Never do cardiopulmonary resuscitation when it is not required. That is, when the victim has both breathing and heartbeat. Why? Yes, simply stop this heart.

That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for attention. I hope for your prudence, comrades.

How to save a person’s life?

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