How to scare, run away, protect yourself from a bear in the forest

If you are in the forest, and you have no goal to hunt, then the meeting with the bear will be an unpleasant surprise. Not every hunter is able to rationally make decisions about how to scare a bear or defend oneself, not to mention an unprepared and unarmed person. The bear lives in a mixed or coniferous forest, preferring it instead of plain. He chooses the habitat so that all the conditions for the construction of a winter lair are created. As a rule, it is a dense forest with the presence of reservoirs, marshes, with old plantings and clearings. The beast shows the greatest activity closer to twilight, but during the day it can be found during the search for food.

As a rule, a bear can attack a person in the following cases: if it was disturbed during hibernation, injured or taken by surprise with prey. More often bear bears attack if there are bear cubs nearby. In December, a meeting with a bear in the forest is unlikely; by this time, it hibernates, even if the winter is warm. But, if a collision happened in winter, run away from the beast, because the bear-rod will not miss the opportunity to deal with a man. This animal is the least dangerous in summer when there is enough food in the forest.

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Bear in the forest: how to avoid a meeting

The surest way to stay safe is to avoid a meeting with a bear. If you are in a deep dense mixed forest, the danger of such a meeting is very likely.

In the summer, it is difficult to clearly identify a bearish footprint on the ground in order to respond in time by changing your route. In the spring, when the snow has not yet descended, it is easier to do. A bear rarely walks long in deep snow, so the trail left will most likely be fresh, which will allow to draw conclusions about finding the beast nearby.

The easiest way to protect yourself from meeting with a bear is not to go to the forest grounds alone. As a rule, he fears a group of people.

It should be removed as soon as possible, barely noticing the group of cubs. Next to them is always a formidable predator.

In order not to lure the beast, you should never leave the remnants of food, food debris, other garbage and landfill after the camp is folded. In no case should he have an association about the relationship between man and the smell of food. You should not bury the remains of food either, because the beast will be able to dig them out from a considerable depth under the ground. Food garbage should be removed to a strictly defined place for it, if this is impossible, then it should be burned. During the night, all food must be inaccessible to the animal – carefully hidden and packed. If the camp is divided for a long time, you should build storage sheds on which boxes of food items are raised. In addition, you can not take food with a strong smell (smoked meat, herbs or spices, etc.) into the woods.

One should not approach the remains of animals or fish that may be prey of a bear.

It is not recommended to carry around a canister of gasoline or similar chemicals, since the bear is attracted by their smell. If gasoline is needed to refuel the car, it is better to leave it next to the vehicle.

You can not stand on the only path of retreat of the animal. In addition to attacking a person, in this situation he has nothing else to do.

How to scare a bear

How to scare a bear in the forestTo avoid this, you need to adhere to the route laid in light forests and open plain areas. In these places, you can catch the bear in time to take measures to protect yourself, to frighten him. Being in the wilderness, you need to talk loudly, occasionally shouting. In this case, you can make loud sounds using a regular bicycle bell, or tapping with a spoon on a pot or an iron flask. Creating noise in order to scare away the bear is due to the fact that he has a good nose and eyesight, but poor hearing. Therefore, if you behave quietly and imperceptibly, an unexpected encounter of a bear with you can frighten him away, and can provoke an attack. Therefore, it will be better if the animal hears you from afar.  

You should not make your way along animal paths and for a long time pass through dense thickets. Closer to dusk or at night one should avoid passing along the coast where salmon are found or along the spawning grounds.

Cycling can lead to a quicker meeting with a bear than on foot, because the path runs faster and noiselessly along animal tracks. The faster a tourist moves, the higher the likelihood of an unexpected collision with an animal. To avoid this, as well as on foot, it is necessary to make loud sounds and signals from time to time.

It is widely believed that if a dog runs nearby, it deters the beast. Contrary to this misconception, when meeting a bear, even a large dog will not save a person, but, on the contrary, can attract him with his scent and anger even more.

Meeting behavior

The main rule when meeting this animal is not to underestimate it, but to treat it as a formidable, strong and dangerous predator.

If the bear caught during fishing, you should immediately stop it, if the fish is not removed from the hook, you need to cut the fishing line. The beast may think that an attempt is made on its prey and react extremely aggressively. Moreover, the association between the person and the available food is undesirable.

The main thing to do when meeting with a brown bear is to keep calm. You can not make sudden movements, sharply turn and run. Seeing the man running away, the hunting instinct wakes up, which provokes the animal to chase. It is necessary to make it clear to the animal that you noticed it, and identify yourself. As a rule, when meeting a bear, he stands on his hind legs in order to better consider the person in front of him. If he does not make a step towards, he should be slowly and carefully removed along a diagonal path. If he is set to move towards, it is better to stand still in one place, remove the backpack and put it next. The bear is afraid of those who are taller and larger in size. If a person is not alone, you should get close to each other on the shoulders, raise sticks, oars, other objects, waving hands, speak loudly or whistle, clap your hands, above your head. It is impossible to shrill or imitate a bear roar. You can take off your jacket and open it, imitating a large object. If the group consists of several people, you can join hands to form a large whole.

Loud noises can frighten him away, so it’s best to knock on the pot with a spoon. You can use your mobile phone by turning on loud music. The main thing is not to panic and not to try to run away from the bear. Often the beast comes too close, but does not attack, trying to intimidate the object.

You can not look animal directly in the eye. It is better to look at him with side vision, so as not to let the situation get out of control, while at the same time slowly backing back.

When meeting with a sleeping bear you need to make as little noise as possible and leave as quickly as possible. If you caught him during the meal, the main thing to do is to show complete indifference to bear prey. It should speak loudly, slowly retreating back, without turning his back.

Collision with a group of animals is most dangerous, because it can be either animals during the rut, or a bear with offspring, or a group of young individuals. The latter is simpler in terms of scaring, because they have not yet encountered a person and are afraid of him.

When an unplanned meeting on the hunt is better to shoot in the air, but not in it. A wounded beast is especially dangerous. If you have a rocket launcher with you, it will be effective in scaring away a gadget.

If you notice a bear on the road, driving a car, do not stop or feed it. Firstly, it will turn it into easy prey, and secondly, it will cause a strong association between the person and the available food, which is dangerous when meeting him in the forest.

Ways to protect

How to run away from a bearUnfortunately, the beast does not always attack a person if any provocation is present, for example, he sees a fleeing creature. Often he attacks for no apparent reason.

If there are no weapons with you, you need to act as follows:

  • Set in front of yourself any large object, for example, a backpack, a bucket, a basket. A voluminous object will divert the attention of the beast from you.
  • Need to pretend to be dead. Lie down on the ground with your belly down, covering your head with your hands, and do not move. At the same time, it is necessary to try to maintain this position even when the beast sniffs. It is believed that you need to curl up, not moving. However, curiosity may awaken in the animal, and it may begin to turn over its prey. Given the size of bear claws, very few people can handle it.
  • Do not move until the animal is nearby, so as not to provoke a new attack.

When hiking in the forest, where a meeting with a bear is most likely, you should keep with you a special pepper spray designed to withstand large predators. It is better to put it in a pocket, not a backpack, in order to get it at the first opportunity. It is worth using it only if the bear attacks, and the victim’s minimum distance between them is preserved. Otherwise, the aerosol will serve as an extra irritant. The situation is similar with a gun: it should be used only when you are sure that you will hit the target and not hit the beast. Bear’s weak points are eyes and nose. In the absence of a gun, you can use any sharp object, observing the accuracy of the strike. That is why it is necessary to keep calm: life in bear legs depends on the accuracy and confidence of movements.

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