How to sharpen knives with grinding block

Home knives from time to time require sharpening. Especially quickly they begin to get blunt with increased lateral load, when pieces of metal come off the edge, or when cutting solid objects at a right angle. The main purpose of sharpening home knives is to keep the cutting edge sharp as long as possible, removing as little metal as possible when honing it. To achieve this, you need to know how to sharpen knives with a bar, because this is the most common option for sharpening at home.

  • Types of grinding bars
  • 2How to sharpen knives correctly with a bar: video, recommendations.
  • 3How to properly sharpen knives with a block by hand
  • 4How to sharpen knives bar: alternative

Types of grinding bars

Japanese water stonesGrinding stones come in several varieties: diamond, ceramic, natural, Japanese water. In addition, the grinding devices are of the electric type. Not having the skill of sharpening knives at home, it is better to use the usual abrasive or ceramic bar. Electric sharpeners can spoil the blade in the absence of the necessary skills or poor-quality tools. In order to straighten the blade, you should use the musatom.

How to sharpen knives bar: video recommendations.

Grinding and sharpening side grindstoneIn order to sharpen a knife well, you must use at least two abrasive sticks, one of which has a greater graininess, the second – a smaller one. The blade is sharpened with one grinding stone, and the second is ground.

The correct bar should have a length, 1.5-2 times the length of the knife, its surface should be smooth, without chipping. For a start, it is better to acquire a medium-hard stone, and when the necessary skill appears, acquire several different stones for varying degrees of sharpening and the type of steel. The best quality of sharpening is still characterized by Soviet-made stones, if you managed to find such a bar somewhere in the flea market, then you are lucky, and the quality of sharpening with a long service life is guaranteed.

In addition to sharpening knives with bars, goi paste can be used to form a sharp cutting edge. In order to have not only a theoretical presentation, but also a practical one, it is better to watch the video on how to sharpen knives with a bar.

How to sharpen knives bar manually

Sharpening a knife with a roller sharpenerIf there is no desire or ability to use a grinding block, you can grind the blade in alternative ways:

  • The easiest way is to sharpen the rough edge of a ceramic saucer located below it. The principle of sharpening is the same as that described above, the main thing here is to observe the angle of inclination, direction and smoothness of movement.
  • Electric sharpener is a convenient and fast way to sharpen a blade, it can work even with very badly blunted blades, including with ceramic knives. Often used in catering places to work with a large number of tools. But the catch in its application lies in the fact that it will remove too much metal from the blade, which leads the knife to rapid wear. Besides, an electric sharpener is not the cheapest way to sharpen a blade.
  • Roller sharpener for knives. This is an inexpensive and easy way, but far from the most effective, because the sharpness of the blade does not last long. Mechanical V-shaped sharpener is also cheap and fast in terms of sharpening, but it spoils the blade.
  • Sharpening systems allow you to precisely adjust and maintain the desired angle. Sharpening systems can be fixed with the blade and the grinding stones themselves at a certain angle. The main disadvantage of these systems is that not all types of kitchen knives can be sharpened with them.

Sharpening the blade using an emery machine. This is an effective, but inconvenient for home use, and even more so for a beginner, a way. Blade sharpening is carried out using several types of wheels: abrasive, felt, grinding. This method is often used to sharpen large hunting blades.

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