How to spend a vacation

Survivors, how do you spend vacation? Well, the fact that swimming, sunbathing, visiting various excursions is understandable. It can be BP. I will share my experience with you.

Vacation abroad

Having zakoravrasya and zagoravrasya And what about your pharmacy. It is not a secret. You will have a chance to buy high-quality medicines relatively inexpensively. Regularly. Such, for example, as a remedy for headaches.

Personally, I always bring multivitamins from abroad “Centrum“It is a 100mg. If it is a 100mg. you usually take two pills at once for you.


Thailand It is famous for its use. Thai balms are well proven in the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthritis, in addition, they accelerate healing with sprains and bruises. I recommend you on time holidays Buy these miracle ointments only in sealed aluminum tubes, which are sold in pharmacies. On the streets Bangkok and Pattaya balsams are packaged in glass jars. I realized that I was once bought, I realized that it was evaporating. The caps on the cans are not tight, so keep this in mind. It is recommended that you pay attention to the plasters-applicators. They really help (checked on his own back).

Aloe vera gel. It may be with the addition of alcohol or menthol. Anonymous and indispensable thing for diaper rash and abrasions of the skin, solar and thermal burns of 1-2 degrees. Sorry, as an intimate lubricant.

Do not ignore natural herbal supplements. Since it is huge holidays several jars of biostimulator and ginseng adaptogen in capsules. Epidemic drugs without epidemiology.

Antioxidant – Noni Fruit Juice. I bought it, but I didn’t really feel the effect. Powder capsules. It’s a good idea to buy a bottle of capsule.

Dry Gingo Biloba Extract. This is truly a treasure. A preparation for improving brain function and normalizes peripheral circulation. Normalization of sleep, improved mood, etc.

Before you go to Thailand, read about the available commercially available medicines. The use of their use immediately. Well, if we’re already talking about Thailand, then I’ll say Tramadol, you can only buy by prescription. There are also many high-quality and inexpensive painkillers, such as Celecoxib, Meloxicam and Piroxicam. I think it’s not only BP, but it’s also not peace of mind.


Now about Egypt. Not far from Hurghada is a factoryEl baraka“It can be a problem to find out what is the deficiency of the plant. which the Egyptians brush their teeth (miswak). Also, in addition to the paste, I would like to have a toothbrush in one person. Well, almost every pharmacy sells Viagra and Cialis in jars of 30 tablets. The price for a jar is about 10 dollars. For comparison, in Russia 1 tablet costs 1000 rubles. So who needs it, know – Egypt burns!


Honestly, I didn’t bring products from this country. Medicines in pharmacies date and quite expensive.

United arab emirates

Imported drugs are expensive in price. They are sold strictly according to the prescription, which is prescribed only by a local doctor.

Russian holiday

Traveling in Russia, I try to visit local flea markets and ruins. Here you can buy a relatively inexpensive shovel, army bowler, suhpay from army warehouses and much more. Personally, five years ago, I bought a price of 500 rubles and I still use it.

Local honey. You can talk endlessly about benefits. Just buy it from the bottom of the road. The same can be said about dried fruits.

Generally gathering in vacation, It will not be superfluous to google where it’s your path. Along the way, unique enterprises can meet, for example, the concern “Pharmaceutical protection“In Khimki on departure from Moscow, producing the drug”Hemostop“Which is indispensable in the first-aid survival kit. Or an enterprisePolysan»At the entrance to St. Petersburg. Well, it’s driving, you know, it’s worth it.

So rest wisely, dear Survivors, and in a timely manner update stocks!

How to spend a vacation

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