How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

If you are a survivor who tends to spend a lot of time in nature, your chances of ending up in a critical situation are quite high. Or maybe you are an occasional hiker who always leads parties and has never considered the need to learn to build a fire. In any case, you should definitely learn how to start your own fire, with and without coincidences. It is much more challenging to do it without coincidences, and it requires knowledge and personal experience.

In this article we will give you the knowledge. Without it you can not continue and wait to rub some sticks and wait for them to catch fire. You have to be prepared, both mentally (for the critical situation) and with practical skills.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

Therefore, before hiking or camping the next time, practice the methods listed below until you are successful.

Several basic and conventional fire start techniques.

Technique based on friction.

This is the technique most often explained to start a fire. It is required that you prepare a pin base and a spindle rod. You must prepare the base by cutting the plug in half (it does not have to be thick, but at least several centimeters wide). Then you can place a small hole in the base, but not too small; you must place the shaft in it, so that you can begin to rotate the shaft in the hole vertically. Therefore, embers are produced and then used to start the real fire.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

Can and # 8216; Feed the fire by placing a little dry grass or other dry and tender vegetation. They catch fire very quickly and they will light the fire.

In order to create the embers first, the base must be absolutely dry. Even the smallest moisture left in the plug will slow down the process (or completely clog). Then, find a perfectly dry plug, or dry it in advance by placing it in a hot, sunny place.

The hand drill

This is a process similar to the one described above, but the manual drill method is used much more often than the friction-based method. In fact, both use friction, but this is simply more popular.

Again, you need a wooden bed / base and a shaft. First, you should cut a V-shaped notch in the bed and make a smaller depression next to it. Place tinder material and other dry and tender vegetation (so will the dry bark) and place them in and around the notch, like a nest. Now take the shaft and start rotating it in the hole, again vertically, until you see that some sparks and embers are produced. It is expected that they fall on the surrounding dry tinder and that it starts to burn quickly (you will first see that smoke is coming).

You need to gently blow into the heated nest until you really see a real fire start. Feed it slowly and gradually. If you feed it too quickly with large trunks and dry wood, it will suffocate. Give the fire some time to catch up and grow slowly.

Here is an instructive and detailed YouTube video about the same hand drill technique.

Fire plow technique

This may be a bit easier although the principle is very similar.

Again, prepare a fireboard as you did in the previous techniques. This time cut a slot (along the length of the board). Again you need an axis to activate the production of embers.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

Begin to quickly rub the shaft along the groove (up and down). Put back a little tinder and make a nest so that the embers can get trapped in it. When you see smoke coming out, you are ready to start the fire by blowing first, and little by little you feed it with drier wood.

Arc drilling

This method is considered the most efficient and helps maintain a constant speed when trying to start the fire. You will need some more elements to complete the configuration. Again, you need a shaft and a wooden board, and you also have to make a small loop and find a plug.

The plinth would work better if it is some kind of stone or rock. It must be something flat and ideally have a notch in its center. The idea with the socket is that you will use it to press the shaft, so that the shaft is firmly placed against the wooden board. If you have some oil, spray a little on the socket, where you will place the shaft later.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

The bow can be made very simple (you will not shoot the prey after all). Just find a branch or other piece of wood that is not longer than your arm. The dryness and that does not matter, you just need the piece to be flexible and have a bit of curve. For the rope, if you have rope, thread, shoe laces, almost anything will do. Place the rope at the ends of the branch and you will have finished configuring the bow.

To prepare the fireboard, you need a V-shaped notch (as explained in the previous methods), but this time not along the entire length of the fireboard, just a small notch. Make another small hole next to this V-shaped notch.

Then, take the arc and the spindle and make a loop with the rope around the spindle (so that when you move the arc, the spindle will move with it, since the loop holds it). Then fix one end of the shaft in the notch and cover the other end with the socket. Now the bow is y # 8216; is blocked and, to remove it, you must unscrew the receptacle.

While preparing everything that was ready for and # 8216; saw ‘the spindle with the bowstring. You are creating a primitive drilling technique, since the shaft must rotate quickly thanks to the cutting motion. If you applied oil to the socket, then the shaft can turn even faster.

After some time and vigorous rotation, some embers will be produced from the notch. Keep a piece of bark next to the notch so that when a coal leaves flying, the bark will catch it. Also, if you put some dry grass, tinder and so on, they will easily catch fire when a coal hits them. Keep them in the bark that you placed next to the notch.

If you need to put this into practice and see it in real life, watch this YouTube video from Discovery.

How to build a fire using some unusual techniques.

flint and steel

This is also a classic way to start a fire. It is also a great idea to carry some flint in your backpack, in case your matches are too wet and useless. Matches are useful when it is dry, but if it is wet and rainy, then rubbing a flint on a piece of steel (what would be better would be your pocket knife) would be your best option.

Another great thing to bring is the char. This is a piece of cloth or fabric turned into coal. This is a very useful piece to have, as it catches the embers very well and keeps them alive, without actually starting the fire. Since having a charcoal is highly unlikely (not many people use it as a good way to start a fire), so mushrooms and birch bark can do practically the same thing (keep the charcoal alive until you’re ready to prepare for a stronger fire).

Now is the time to take the coal (or mushroom) and the flint in your hand. Place them both tight between your thumb and forefinger. Leave 2-3 inches of the revealed stone and the carbon / fungus must be underneath in the order, but you must capture the embers that it produces.

Now, if you take your steel knife and hit it with its back on the flint, the sparks will fly from the edge of the flint and, hopefully, fall on the coal that is just below (and your index finger supports it). When the coal or fungus contains some embers, place them in a tinder bed / nest and again, blow gently until you see some small flames. Your fire is ready.

Method based on lenses

This method requires very little time and skills. Almost any boy has tried to melt some plastic toys and such. The only drawback of this method is that it needs two things: magnifying glass and sun. If you have one, but not the other (or you do not have one), you really have to think of another method.

This does not mean you should not know how to use the lens-based method. In fact, it is highly recommended, since if you have sun and glasses, starting a fire would be like a children’s game. Literally.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

So, here is how to do it. Take any type of lens you have on hand – lenses, magnifying glass, binocular, etc. Then place some tinder and that dry foliage on the ground. Turn the lens so that it adjusts the sunlight to focus a very small spot on the tinder. The closer the nest brings the lens, the greater the focus point, therefore, there will be less chance of starting the fire. Then, play with that, and keep the lens at a distance so that the sunbeam is no more than half an inch in diameter.

Now you just have to be patient and wait for the tinder to start smoking until you see a little fire. It will not take long. In addition, you do not have to do any kind of friction, rubbing or accelerated drilling. While the sunbeam is well focused and the tinder sufficiently dry, it will not take more than several minutes to see the result.

There is another method with which you can use sunlight. As strange as it sounds, you can use balloons and even condoms filled with water. Is that how it works. Whatever you use, balloon or condom, fill it with water so that it has an almost perfect spherical shape. If you fill it with too much water, the spherical shape will be too distorted and the method will not work. Make sure that, if you use a balloon, it is transparent enough when you want it with water, so that the light can penetrate it and get the desired sunbeam at the end.

Use your hands to manipulate the shape observing the shape of the sunbeam at the end. Due to the shortest focal point of the balloon in this case, you will have to keep it close to the tinder (1 or 2 inches). Play and experiment with it, but keep the sunray sharp and focused, and not blurry or deformed.

Surprising or not, you can start the fire using a piece of ice. The ice must again act as a lens. This is a very useful method for camping in winter.

Here is what you need to do. You should use only pure, clean water for the method to produce results. Any impurity in the water will prevent the method from providing any results. Also, if it is cloudy, this can also render the method unusable. In any case, prepare clear water from the lake or river and place it in a tin or aluminum foil in block form. The final result should provide you with an ice block 2 inches thick (no more than that).

Let the water freeze and then remove the frozen block. Now you need to shape the block. As you probably already know, the shape of the lens is thicker around the middle areas and thinner at the outer edges, so, keeping this in mind, start to form the block of ice on a lens.

Now that the block of ice has a lens shape, you should polish it so that the surfaces are as smooth as possible. Without having smooth surfaces, sunlight will partially reflect on the uneven surface. Then, you must polish it with your own hands, since the heat of your skin will melt the surface of the ice and all the uneven parts will melt as well. Then you can use gloves to polish even more what is already partially melted.

Finally you are ready to use the lens-shaped ice block to start the fire. The first method in this section can be repeated with this: simply aim the sunlight through the block of ice towards a ray of sun on a bed of dry tinder. Adjust the focal point so that it is nice and sharp, and just wait a little until the tinder catches fire.

Can of coca and chocolate

This method can be quite strange at first, but then you’ll see why it works. You need a coke or a can of soda and a chocolate bar. And do not forget that you need a lot of sun for this to work.

Then, unpack the chocolate and cut an apple. Now start rubbing the bottom of the soda can in all places with the block. As we know, soda cans have rounded bottoms, but they are not soft. What you will do with the chocolate is to soften the background so that it is polished like a smooth metal. It may even look like a mirror later. If you have an abrasive toothpaste, that would also work.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

In the end, you must have a parabolic mirror and, as it is elliptical, it will again act as a lens, focusing the sunlight on a small focal point. Then, place the bottom of the can towards the sun so that it catches the sunlight and then points the sunbeam towards the tinder it has prepared. This ray of sun is extremely powerful and like a laser, so it will not take more than a few seconds to see the smoke of tinder. You know the rest and how to keep the fire alive and growing.

Of course, for this method to make sense to you, you should have brought refreshments and chocolate (which are very luxurious items in your backpack), but it never hurts to know several more methods of lighting a fire.

Steel wool and batteries.

Another strange and unthinkable method (why does not have matches, but has batteries and steel wool?), But as we mentioned, it is always better to know some additional methods, instead of a few. And, after all, knowing more methods gives you the experience of knowing what works and why it works, so you can use your common sense to readjust some of the methods that fit your current situation and the tools at hand .

To begin with, you need to spread the steel wool a little, about 6 inches by 1/2 inch. Surround it with tinder and something dry. Then take the battery and you only have to touch the battery with the steel wool (with one end of the battery) and the steel wool will create the embers almost immediately. Touch the wool in several places, then cover it with a little more tinder and even pieces of bark from birth, and you’ll have nice flames.

The best thing about this method is that it will work in any condition: dry or wet, cold or hot. If you like this method, you can decide that you will be the only one you prefer and thus always keep in your backpack some steel wool and batteries (for example, 9 V).

For more details, you can watch this YouTube video on how to start a fire with this method.

How to Start A Fire: Popular And Unusual Methods of Building A Fire

To stay safe, always try these methods in your yard or in a safe area where you live. Do not leave it to chance; Because you read about it, it does not necessarily mean that you know. Unless you experience it first-hand, you can not rely solely on knowledge. Survivors and outdoor enthusiasts always try new techniques and add more to their practical skills. At least if you practice and # 8216; at home ‘and it works, you’ll know you can reproduce this again.


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