How to steal a nuclear submarine “Shark”: A brief instruction for pirates

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TAPKRSN (strategic nuclear submarine) is a ship, a class of nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles, designed to launch missile strikes at strategic enemy military industrial facilities. It differs from SSBN by greater displacement and size.
The class includes only one project, TAPKRSN project 941 “Shark”, which until 2019 are in service with the Russian Navy

Yesterday, a friendly team of pirates and thunderstorms of the seas of two people turned to me with the question of how they could steal the nuclear submarine “Shark” from Russia into a better life. Desperate corsairs can’t but arouse a feeling of deep respect for their despair, courage and recklessness, I think, therefore – here you are, pirates, instructions – use!

“The most terrible thing in the technique is to be a troechnik. A trinity is a man literate enough to imagine the consequences of a disaster, but not literate enough to prevent it. ”
– I.V. Kurchatov.

You will steal a nuclear submarine, of course, the current one, on which there is a watch-duty service on duty around the clock. Two of them have firearms in their hands with a clear indication to use them immediately, and the rest of the 15-20 people will arm themselves for fifteen minutes.

Do not wait, pirates, do not leave with ponyuymi shoulders! Let’s assume that a new serial film has been delivered to the club, and the whole watch has run away to watch it? And here you are standing on an empty pier, you see a small lock on the wheelhouse and understand that your dream is ready to surrender to you in a natural way!

Of course, it would be nice to have diesel generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the input. Having come running to the diesel generator set, the second pirate will see two ASDG-800 diesel engines, roughly like this:

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