How to strengthen the willpower

Why do not like people? Because they lack the spirit. You can call it differently: the inner core, character, spirit. The essence is one.

Spirit is necessary for a successful life. It is not a hundred meters off, but a marathon. What is needed is not a heroic impulse, but endurance, stamina. Including death. Good example fortitude – Undermining from prison. Composure before being shot. It seems to be a wife, a country, a job. There are red spots in front of your eyes. Reach the end and win. Because being in a comfort zone, you will achieve nothing. This is a master’s job – for your rest. The main thing is to understand.

how to strengthen the spirit? Spirit is a product of willpower, its manifestation and expression. What is will power? To concentrate on one object, to gather in a strong-willed beam. How to train willpower? It is a physical method.

For example, it is a world famous lawyer. It took them 2 years. After that, the father said: “Now you can’t say anything.” That is, constant efforts are needed for quite a long time. Although the year is enough.

For example, you can meditate for 1 year every day for 1 hour. It is just to develop, to be collected. It is very difficult, since he is sorely lacking in time. Plus, there are some little thoughts like – “Why do you need all this? How can? There is no result and no. “Well, we must take into account distractions such as relatives. It is not a fact. And at the university, many are starting to earn money. So this is also a test.

Can strengthen the spirit workouts. Martial arts are especially well suited, martial arts are always with sparring or full contact bouts. Everyone has some jim jams before sparring, will you not be disgraced, will you not be frightened? There is a desire to give up everything. No matter what. Missile training. This is what brings up the will. Set a goal to go at least 1 year and do it. And even better – 2 or 3 years.

But, again, the method can be anything. One familiar psychologist strengthens the spirit due to pushups – partly because they can not stand them. When you want to sleep. You can pour it with ice water. In general, all that is difficult and unpleasant that makes you overcome yourself. Asceticism will not interfere here again. Foreign languages ​​- anything!

Consider that reasonableness is needed everywhere – if you are overworked, overcoming yourself. You will get a little bit more in it. Healthy sleep and normal meal are essential.

But when you go, it’s by the views of others. Your spirit will change your posture, your voice and your look. Surrounding wills and girls, on the contrary, will cling to you. Spirit is your real range.

How to strengthen the willpower

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