How to survive

Modern society of 21st century terrorist attack and terrorism. According to 61 thousand terrorist terrorist groups, from more than 140 thousand people died.

To make sure that you’re just getting there, you’ll simply be able to find out what you’re trying to do. The attacks have become more primitive. It is necessary to ensure that it is not a problem.

Thanksgiving is what he perceived as a commonplace phenomenon. In most cases, when describing the tragedies, it should be noted. In other words acts of terrorism must be taken to preserve life and health.

According to the Global Rating of Terrorism, in 2014, for example, they are headed by rating: Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. It is a scandalous attack on the number of terrorist attacks. Moreover, 78% of the total number of victims. For example, there were 1,753 terrorist attacks. In addition, the economic damage from terrorism in 2014 is constituted to $ 52.9 billion.

According to statistics for the BBC for 2016, about 1.580 Throughout Europe, mortality was 30%, and in Western Europe, about 6%.

Our reality is despite the fact that we’ve been a terrorist act, it’s too early to give up. If you have the right skills and knowledge. And some kind of luck, where do without it.

Advice on the armed men

If you are confronted with inadequate, it’s not a problem. We all consist of reflexes. Our distant ancestors – “freeze” (according to statistics, in 75% of people) But it’s not a problem.

How to survive

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