How to survive during the war in the city? Tips of a resident of the city of Donetsk.

fire to your own home. When you don’t need to worry, even during shelling of the city, where you can expect a different kind of danger. When to flee to a bomb shelter and much more. 

War has its own logic. In accordance with this logic, events develop around, people begin to live by it, and people act when war comes to their house. In this book I will share more than three years of experience, lived under shelling in my hometown of Donetsk. I will describe the logic of war, and give advice. How to survive an ordinary person in a war in the city. You will gain knowledge based on practice that will save you from fatal mistakes, and possibly save your life.

I will not describe in this book how to properly apply a tourniquet, stop the blood, or carry a wounded man. All this in excess is enough on the Internet. There will be other information. This book is a practical guide to survival in the city during the war. Download it to your mobile phone so that it is always at hand. And I pray to God that the day will never come when you may need this knowledge.

When everything is just beginning.

The front line is approaching your city. Each of you will certainly ask yourself the question: what to do? I will not give you advice on what to do. I will describe what will happen around you, and what to do, you decide for yourself. Each of you has its own unique situation, different opportunities, and a different worldview. Everyone looks at the war in their own way.

Someone takes up arms, someone leaves, someone decides to stay, but does not want to take a direct part in the war. I have no right to give you advice. Pick up weapons, leave, or stay. You make your own decisions. I will only try to give objective information that will help save your life and survive during the war in the city.

How to survive during the war in the city? Tips of a resident of Donetsk DOWNLOAD THE BOOK

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