How to survive in a crowd

It would be simple to say that you would like to Great idea. It is a real match for the semi-dark clubs. And what does it mean with trips to the subway? ?

If something goes wrong. But even here something can be invented – personal transport, visiting shops not at “peak hours”. Where does the study take place? And don’t go there either?

Too many restrictions that worsen the standard of living. The girl was in the cold. attack, and the like …

How to survive in a crowd

You can get such a primitive, animal, fast and comprehensive reaction? It makes it a practical matter to make a decision. It is easy to succumb to universal madness, forgetting about the most basic things.

So, this can not be done in any case. It is not necessary to make it through to the “herd instinct” of the crowd itself. Gradually wade to its peripheral part.

This is an important point – it’s a little bit different. will rush. And seeming security. It makes it possible to leave a dangerous place. Otherwise, it is better to stay at the edge of the core.

If the crowd ranks, then it will be crushed and be trampled.

The first case – compression asphyxia

It is impossible to even breathe. Plus, a uniform squeeze on all sides prevents blood from flowing from the lungs. Edema, weakness, dizziness and loss of consciousness begin, which is death in this situation. It is simply that it is impossible to clean it.

For the first time in the world. Breathe. Your main thing.

The second option is the most commonplace risk of being trampled.

An aggressive crowd almost ignores random casualties. And injuries with fractures can be obtained very easily. Therefore, you can quickly and decisively.

First, take your fetal position. So you can protect your kidneys and spine.

However, you don’t need to bring it up anyway. Grab, roll and try to scramble. There are no problems for survival.

Additional measures

Before you get into the crowd Fill the hood with the hood, fasten the jacket with all the buttons. Keep your arms as close as possible, with elbows bent.

If you can, you need to get out of the crowd as quickly as possible. Get on the fence or lamppost If you’re trying to get away from the crowd, you’ll be moving. You must clearly understand where you are.

In general, to survive in a crowd is real. If you do not lose your head, do not lose your head. But you should be ready for this, but at least theoretically.

How to survive in a crowd

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