How to survive in psychiatric hospitals?

Suppose you woke up from an unfamiliar environment in a completely unfamiliar environment. It’s not always the same way as you’ve been in the hospital. Well, you begin to guess that this psychiatric hospital.

For the sake of experiment, come to the emergency department tomorrow mental hospital and try to pretend to be sick. I assure you will fail. It is a fact that such as psychiatry, There are clear criteria for every psychiatric diagnosis. And even if you still doomed to failure. I will explain why. In general medicine, all diseases have three outcomes:

  • Recovery
  • Chronization of disease with exacerbations
  • Death

AT psychiatry to these three is added another fourth criterion – personality defect. This is a picture of the clinical picture.

What personality defect? Imagine yourself an alcoholic who is “tied up.” You can easily identify yourself, even if you’re not an inspector of the personnel department. Or remember, there are people “weird” among your surroundings. When the doctor communicates with patients, he identifies the sick people, even if they are “normal”. So simulate mentally ill almost impossible. (It’s, of course, the responsibility for your responsibilities fit. Approx. Editor) Therefore, why did I get here? Before the “swing right”.

Long gone are the days when psychiatry was a tool for isolating dissidents or uncomfortable people. Since 1992, the law “On mental health care rights of citizens in its provision. Here is some helpful tips.

The first. Sooner or later. Calm voice and voice number. You must be clear about it. If your doctor says, “If you’re a doctor, you’ll be” Do not be surprised. If you’re sure you’ll not be able to write it on you. The doctor will ask you questions. Some of them seem strange, and some offensive. For the sake of example:

-What is the time of year? Day of the week month? Where are you at? What are your names of your parents? What do you do, what are you currently working at? What were you doing yesterday? And a week ago? Well, and so on.

This is the ideal. In fact, the doctor doesn’t care. It is important. If you’re a little bit harsh, you’re a little bit different? AT psychiatry do not listen to what you say. In this science, your words are matched with your deeds. So I repeat, once again, “download the rights”.

But it happens in a different way. “The word” is a real psychosis. Hallucinations of the toxic substance ceased. The woman was assisted with the diagnosis.

The second. A patient psychiatric hospital There are two informed consent. The second is consent to treatment. If you think so. In this case, the doctor will be obliged to involuntary hospitalization. The doctor has no more than 72 hours from the moment of hospitalization for this. When the judge arrives, he will be invited to the doctor’s office. In it, besides the doctor who is familiar to you, there will be other doctors present. For example, the head of the medical work. The voice of the official ID. Tell your hospitalization is illegal. Also report staff abuse to you if it occurred. No need to suspect a doctor and a judge in collusion. It is your responsibility to take care of the short-term profit. Or do you really appreciate yourself so highly?

Third. If you are going to be hospitalized, then you will be long. And even after discharge, it will be impossible to prove something. But do not despair. Extract is inevitable in any case. An extract from the medical history. He has a lot to do with it. It’s easy to make it out. If you are denied this, then you need to be a physician. You have the right to do so. History, go to Department of Psychiatry at a medical university. Health care It is a question of the government. This has never happened.

And, fourthly, I will give you a professional medical secret. You all do not care. Starting from nurses and ending with a judge with professors. The doctor only thinks about complying with the examination and treatment protocol. One patient more, one less. Since he has been working, he will be at the hospital. Therefore, no one will keep you against the law. No one is reluctant to be responsible for you. It is also a dream. Nurses dream to go home and forget “this madhouse”. “As if you’re not messing up.” Not be so lucky?

Survivalis not only physical, but also mental!

How to survive in psychiatric hospitals?

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