How to survive in the forest without all in the winter: highlights

A situation when a person finds himself in a winter forest without means of communication, and other inventions of mankind, helping in everyday life, can happen to any of the winter trekking enthusiasts in the forest, hunters, as well as each of the inhabitants of northern latitudes living far from densely populated areas. How to survive in the forest in winter, you can find out further.

  • How to survive in the winter in the forest for a long time
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    • 1.4 Survive in the woods in the winter: getting food
    • 1.5How to survive in the forest in winter: ways to warm up
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How to survive in the winter in the forest for a long time

Overnight accommodation

If thirst has begun, in no case should there be snow. If there is no water, you need to collect snow in a plastic bottle or other container, and place on outerwear. When the snow melts, you can drink it. If there is no capacity with you, then you need to take some snow in your mouth and keep it there, without swallowing, until it warms up. If you eat snow in its solid state, there is a big risk to get a sore throat and reduce body temperature, which is very dangerous in the winter in the forest.

In addition, you can melt the snow and make tea from wild raspberry, wild rose, blueberry, lingonberry, wild rosemary. Many of these plants with fruits can be found in early winter up to severe frosts. For infusion it is also very good to use chaga, tree fungus – it eliminates the symptoms of a cold. For these purposes, you can boil the tips of spruce, pine, cedar.

With food in winter, the situation is more complicated than in summer. If the winter is early, tree fungi can remain on the bark of the trees, as well as wild berries on the bushes, as well as acorns. In the coniferous forest a lot of cones and pine nuts. Not far from the trees, as well as on thawed patches, you can dig out worms, which are a rich source of protein, with a stick. Hunting for large prey without any special devices and weapons in the forest is unlikely to work out, but you should try to track down such small prey as gophers and other rodents in their minks, which look like mounds. Since it is difficult to catch a rodent without a snare, you can pour water on its mink or run smoke there, after which the prey itself will come into your hands. If you have a fishing line or nylon rope with you, you can make a trap on a partridge, a grouse or a pheasant. For shallow forest game, you can also make a snare, if you make a loop, attach it to a tree, durable pole or stone. Of course, this requires taking into account the permeability of the beast in this particular place, which can be calculated from numerous tracks and trails, especially if the snow is fresh and soft. The loop must be made in such a way that it immediately tightened on the limb of the animal as soon as it gets into it.

How to survive in the forest in winter: ways to warm up

How to survive in the forest in winter: ways to warm upOnce in the forest during the cold season, it will be logical to assume that the person will be dressed like winter. However, the main thing in surviving in the forest is to keep warm, in other words, to move. The heat that the body releases during exercise is enough to survive at minus fifteen degrees. To control the degree of hypothermia, you should periodically bring your index finger and little finger together: if they are difficult to work together, this is a dangerous signal that the body is close to hypothermia.

If you feel that you have begun to freeze, you can sit down. If you have any other things with you, you can wear them. It is very dangerous to wet your feet. You only need to breathe through your nose.

In addition, to warm up, you can perform special breathing exercises. To do this, you need to sit on the ground, press the left leg to the body, and the right leg is parallel to it. The left foot should be pressed as close as possible to the inner surface of the right thigh. At the same time, the knees should be widely spread, and the arms should lie on them, palms up. When the pose is adopted, one should begin to rhythmically breathe with the stomach so that there are practically no gaps between inhalation and exhalation. The first two minutes you need to try to breathe in this way, then you need to slow down breathing. So you need to breathe for another three minutes. Then return to the normal rhythm of breathing, and after five minutes repeat the exercise. Thus, after the second repetition, it will be possible to feel the increase in heat in the body. This breathing practice can be performed any number of times to warm in harsh environmental conditions.

In any case, if a sudden drowsiness or attacks of fatigue suddenly attack, in no case should one stop, sit down, lie down on the snow.

By following the above tips, you will survive at least a week before you can find the slightest sign that an exit to the nearest locality has been found.

How to survive in the forest: video

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