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This article is not only for our “second half”. You are not chopped off the shoulder, “getting lost in neponyatkah.

I am an anesthesiologist-resuscitator for 10 years now I have been working in the anesthesiology department of one of maternity hospitals Moscow city. In addition, I was a psychiatric hospital in the department of alcoholic psychosis. Does this surprise you? Do not be surprised, it will happen, then you will not be surprised. About madhouse maternity hospital.

Survive you have together. More precisely in the three. Survival will begin in the area of ​​the clinic clinic. Be patient, standing and line passing. Do not be surprised by the doctor. You are not alone with him. You have to go It is a doctor’s work. Only day and night, who thought only of their patients. Dedication manifests itself differently than you think.

No need to ask the doctor questions. The doctor will tell you what to do. Although it is asked from the doctors. You are not interested in making you ill! He is only interested in observing the protocol. Therefore, if you don’t have to write a letter, you will need to write a letter. Do not want to write it out.

Is it time for a second ultrasound? Go to this study with your spouse. But it doesn’t have to be found in your child. It has been recorded and duplicated since it’s legal protection. Therefore, if you’ve been told something terrible, do not “chop off the shoulder,” If you are not able to control yourself, then just pull the time. Spend it for examination at a medical university. But do not pull too long. Up to 22 weeks, it is still possible to terminate a pregnancy according to medical indications, and after 22 weeks – only by abdominal surgery.

It is not a reason to relax. I haven’t met the “Absolutely Healthy” conclusion for a long time. CHI system (compulsory health insurance). For their presence. Therefore, you can be informed about “placental insufficiency“,”reduced placental blood flow“If you’re not sure, you can’t make it so much more than that.” “

Take information critically, listen for your child. You may be offered hospitalization for pregnant women. Do not refuse – too much examination will not hurt. Often, doctors at antenatal clinics offer a “good obstetrician in a good maternity hospital”, of course, not for free. The doctor offering this will have a percentage. I repeat it again maternity hospital, no one is interested in making you ill It doesn’t have any advantages! If you can be taken to “on duty”. So you pay.

The same goes for contract with the hospital, rather with the doctor. In the case of a contract for a childbirth It is the name of the doctor you enter into the contract. Do not rush to enter into a paid contract-contract. It always happens. You can enter into a contract even in the emergency room on the day of delivery.

Gynecologist in gynecology, and obstetrician in obstetrics. These two specialties are fundamentally different features of people working in these areas. It is a gynecologist who makes a diagnosis. He agrees with his colleagues, for example, surgeons. It is an obstetrician decision in your feet. He simply doesn’t have time for these or other studies. An obstetrician can also be dishonest counterfeit. This is a case of death. And death in maternity hospital – It is always the case that it is not a medical attendance, but it is also not a head physician.

Therefore, if you haven’t been a patient, you’re simply overwrite, you’ve been all of you, and I say they have nothing to do with it. ”In our maternity hospital, for example, it can be determined that for example, it is not necessary to follow it. But most often obstetric complications are experienced by anesthesiologists. It’s not a problem.

An obstetrician, a gynecologist, is a cesarean section. It can not always be good. Therefore, he doesn’t like to call someone for help. Doctors do not even communicate with each other. Well, they communicate, of course, but they don’t say too much. But listen carefully. Your complaints, probably for a long time to listen, like a midwife from maternity hospital. It was up to you to go. disabled. We couldn’t make it, ”he said.

Be critical of what obstetrician tells you. If you’re scoring you that “the fetus suffers” or “anything can happen” You can’t affect it, even if your child really suffers. And what can you really change? Of the ten newborns, your child will be defective. They scare you either from the prophylis in order to say “they warned you” or to dissolve them for gratitude. So we’re not sure you’re registering at our district, so you don’t accept it. ”This is a lie! No medical obstetric aid institution can not put out the door pregnant in childbirth.

I will repeat you the third time! Nobody needs complications There will be complications maternity hospital to assist you. True, then, when the situation is left maternity hospital search for the guilty.

I ask you to understand me correctly. I do not set a goal. But I have not met anywhere else. I’ve said that I’m saying “I gave birth to nothing.” The organization wants to disgrace. If you’re not happy, you’ll have to do it.

If you still choose a field for a childbirth maternity hospital, If you’re given a bottle of water, you’re given a gas bottle. Sometimes it is useful to be hospitalized in maternity hospital in advance, but more often you arrive in an ambulance with the first contractions. By the way, it’s not possible to understand the situation. Therefore, it is safe to carry out the garbage or to the store.

If necessary, it should be noted that it is necessary to take care of it. You have the right to refuse procedures such as cleansing enemas and shaving of the genitals. But if maternity hospital doctor insists on it From the emergency room delivery room or so-called prenatal. You will be able to follow the cardinal effects of the fetus. Do not turn on your back! If you do, then you will be able to press. The fetus doesn’t breathe through the mother’s blood. So if you get tired of lying on one side, roll over to another, but not on your back.

It is necessary to lie for a long time. Everything will depend on the opening of the cervix. If necessary, it will be necessary to ensure that the obstetrician will be taken. During this, he will ask you to turn on your back. But it is not a question. he knows what this is about.

You are obliged to anesthetize. It is obliged, and you have the right to do so! All obstetric statements for an additional fee is a lie. You must anesthetize! The question is how it will be done. The easiest way to inject narcotic analgesics intravenously. But it is the skin of the fetus. It is a woman who has been given the same day. Require anesthesia! No claim medical suffering can be suffering, etc. Try to avoid conflict.

It’s impossible to achieve anything! Pain in childbirth is a biological reaction that supports the very biomechanism of childbirth. I, as an anesthesiologist, tried to achieve absolute insensitivity. Therefore, it became easier – endure. In Moscow, it has been used epidural anesthesia during labor. This is the gold standard for anesthesia in obstetrics. Absolutely safe for you and for the fetus. For women, it’s not a problem. Therefore, you can’t say that you’re an anesthesia of another anesthesia. Nobody will refuse you this.

Also, the anesthesiologist. You can’t get it, you’ll get it Lie quietly on your side and try to sleep. You have a good time ahead. If you have heartburn, sips. In addition to anesthesia, epidural anesthesia accelerates to some extent. You must be able to push yourself. It is also possible to end up with a cesarean section or vacuum extraction.

After another vaginal examination, you can switch to Rakhmanov’s bed (patrimonial chair). AT rod hall Neonatologists will come (pediatric doctors specializing in newborns). Here you can’t hear about what you’re listening to and your mother’s words. Breathe – means breathe, do not breathe – therefore, do not breathe. “For the most part”. After your while. It will be shown that it will be a warm water and dry it. After that, wrapped in a diaper, attach to your chest.

The placenta will be separated in a short time with the next fight. You can again be anesthetized in order to inspect them. Here, demand complete anesthesia! What it will be – no longer important, even intravenous anesthesia. It will be your choice. This is the most dangerous in terms of the development of postpartum atonic bleeding. Weakness, Do not refuse the proposed religious products, no matter what religious beliefs you are profess. It is extremely difficult to stop the loss of blood. Protroplex or Novo-Seven may simply not be available.

Two hours later, you will be transferred to postpartum unit. If you are a woman, he will have to go on it. After 2-3 days, after removing the seams from the perineum, you will receive an extract home. Good health in our easy time. It’s not a matter of course.

PS: Do you need to go in for a few days?

How to survive in the hospital&# 8230;

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