How to survive the apocalypse using your bag

In the case of water, it is important to understand the water flow. And how can your bag help you?

Help: Dr. Lewis Dartnell can give advice on survivalHelp: Dr. Lewis Dartnell can give advice on survival

This article is one of those discussed in a pub. Suddenly comes apocalypse comes?

Dr. Lewis Dartnell – a scientist in his book “Science – How to build a world from scratch”. I wondered what kind of survival skills we have. How many people can create it.

If you are answering these questions. What happened if you couldn’t just drop by the store as before.

Dr. Dartnell admitted that he was not prepared for the apocalypse. It can be used for completely different purposes.

Below is a list of things created by Dr. You can not help

Plastic bottle

Water disinfectionWater disinfection

If you drank it away, do not throw it away! You can find water. This process is called solar cleansing. If you’re pouring water in it, then it will kill you. Understand the art of disinfecting water. It can be a typhoid and a cholera.

Plastic: Bottles can be used to help clean water


Water filterWater filter

It can be cloudy. A pair of socks is also suitable for this purpose.

Filter: Tights can be used to filter water


Water tankWater tank

In fact, they are very dense and good for saving water supplies. If you want to get a little water, it can be a gallon or two (3.5-7 liters) of water.

Capacity: Condom can be used to carry water


Making fireMaking fire

Tear it up.

Base for fire: Tampons are good for making fire


Fire preyFire prey

Eyeglass lenses. Will help you concentrate the light, because plus lenses only scatter it.

the fire: Glasses enhance the effect of sun rays.

Black ink pen

Making fireMaking fire

It has been a great tool to make it easier to paint it.

A pen: It helps to make fire.

Lipstick, lip balm, hair spray

Making fireMaking fire

There are some things that you can carry in your bag. Lipstick – oily and wax. Hairspray – windy and frosty weather.

Pomade as a catalyst for the flame

Bicycle lights

Fire preyFire prey

You can use an electric bike for making fire. Short circuit very carefully to get sparks.

Survival: Your bike can save your life.

Chewing gum

Fire preyFire prey

If you do not have wires, you can use electricity well.

Foil: Chewing gum wrapper will help

Pocket mirror


If you find yourself in the forest, you can’t make up your mind.

You can also make a knife.

Signalal: Pocket mirror will help



For example, to get rid of clothes. This can take a lot of time.

Saw: Keys can be used to cut items



Headphone wire is ideal for tying things up. In fact, it is even better than the standard of the rope or twine.

How to tie: Headphones can be used as a rope

Mobile phone


I wondered how long the GPS would work after the end of the world. Working for both months. So if you keep your phone charged!

Compass: Use GPS on your phone

Plastic bag

Moisture and heat insulationMoisture and heat insulation

It is a result. During the heavy rain, take out the bag and take out the bag.

Water resistant: Plastic bag will save from rain

Super glue

Stopping bleedingStopping bleeding

It’s just great. It was used in this capacity during the Vietnam War!

Medicaid: You can treat a wound with superglue



Were at a party on the night before the apocalypse? Alcohol is an excellent antiseptic. Cover them with superglue – and you’re done! You just secured yourself against the risk of blood poisoning.

Antiseptic: Vodka can desensitize wounds

Dr. Dartnell at his seminars. Think what you can =)

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How to survive the apocalypse using your bag

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