How to survive

All my life wearing pink glasses does not work. They have a slight cognitive dissonance. Therefore, everybody sadly admits that there is a crisis in the country.

For all of our readers, it’s clear that they’re looking for their reasons. This is a sacramental question: “What to do?”. If you’re a little bit harsh, survive the economic crisis we can well. So.

Change of world view

Happiness is not really about money. And you can’t buy it for money. But for the money, you can easily buy it, including the illusion of happiness. It is a good idea to get a lot of money. Harder, of course, but possible. AND survival in conditions of economic crisis It will be much easier to psychologically.

Learn to save

Is not just set. It is theoretically possible to live on it. And you, for certain, receive much more than a living wage. But less than necessary for a comfortable existence. Switch to cheaper products, get rid of excesses and bad habits. It was spent on something useful. The same thing about food. It’s a little bit different. And it is tasty. And yes, such a concept as “Ponte” is a strike of my head. You should be concerned about your personal crisis survival. Make it your personal skills, knowledge and skills. Yes, it is more difficult, but the price is much higher.

Plan expenses

If you’re in the meantime, you’ll get these expenses. And yes, this is an extremely important point for crisis survival – prediction and planning your own life. This gives you a lot of money that I definitely have money. It helps to maintain an optimistic attitude. It can also be useful for you to get something. If you have your hands on it?

Watch your health

“Free medicine” is not so terrible. So carefully monitor your own health. Where the problem is. Well, try it. After all, life is a very unpredictable thing. Physical exercises.

Do not take loans

Credit is a wonderful thing. But just until the time comes to give it away. The banks are not always legal. And it’s better not doing business with collectors. It is important that the bank doesn’t want to pay it.

And now, perhaps, the main question. And what should be a citizen who lived by these rules do? Initially I tried to save as much as possible. Well … where you can organize your own farm. It is not a problem that it can be used to make it. So you can survive. Yes, and there were no such situations. Another thing – is it necessary? Or do I need to change something? It is advised to We just advise you how easier survive the economic crisis.

And yes, he recommends. MUCH worse than in Russia. But “democracy” and “European values.” So he perfectly understands what he is writing about.

How to survive

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