How to understand that product is spoiled?

This is the most important part of the selection of food. We have already written about the basic principles of this difficult process. What are the consequences? Namely – damage products. After all, it often happens to be forgotten and not eaten on the first day. It is better to get out the meat, because it doesn’t heat it? But it can be eaten without fear of food poisoning.

Signs of the product




A fish

Canned food

As you can see, everything is quite simple. Food poisoning doesn’t threaten you. Of course, there will be an experienced comrades who will declare “Yes, I sausage with mold. Everything was normal. “It is a very dangerous way to once again.” Just understand the cost of treatment. And if you’re poisoning you for a multi-day hike, where it’s difficult to get expert help, then it’s possible.

How to understand that product is spoiled?

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