How to use a knife for self defense

The knife is not such a simple tool, sometimes it quite surpasses the pistol in efficiency. But the knife as a means for self-defense, alas, is far from the best option. You will not use it at a distance, it will not stop the enemy instantly – even with deadly wounds it is possible to continue the attack. In addition, penetrating injuries that a knife inflicts are the most severe consequences for the defenders, in terms of jurisprudence. So let’s talk about it: what is the post-Soviet space with questions about knives?

Sorry, lousy. The lawyers clarify: the classification will always be according to the worst format, the very notion of necessary defense will not always play a role. In general, almost nothing self-defense and do not call – this is all intentional killing or causing grievous bodily harm, period. So it is imperative to comply with extremely important formalities of the legal plan.

Let’s start with the classification – what are the knives?

Everything seems simple here – there are civilian and combat knives. In the case of combat, we will not find them in free sale, and indeed, what kind of combat knives are we talking about, and here we have self-defense. Civil knives are household, chopping, hunting, tourist and the like. In this case, household, cutting and similar knives formally will not be a weapon.

“Cold weapons” is a fairly broad concept. Here the geometry of the blade is important, and the design features and characteristics of the steel … The so-called “mock-up” bayone-knives for the Kalashnikov assault rifle, for example, are not cold weapons, although the design of the original has been observed. They, moreover, are made of army bayonet knives – tritely reduce the hardness of steel! And this, the detailed classification has to be left to forensic experts: the hell with two then someone will figure it out.

If you bought a knife for self-defense in the store, you must have a certificate issued by the seller, with a photo of this particular knife! And it is imperative that there is a seal of the trade organization and a copy of the expert opinion. And carry this very piece of paper with you always – along with a knife. Otherwise, if they do, proving that it is just at home is as difficult as a Nigerian student to convince the police that he is not a drug dealer, and the passport with legal permission to stay at home remained …

If you have a hunting ticket, you can also carry a hunting license with you too, but you may be asked: so, why was it with you at all, why do you need a hunting knife with you ?! Therefore, in actual fact, it is clearly not worth walking around the city with a hunting knife and using it as a means of self-defense in the conditions of our legal system.

How to choose a knife for self defense

You will choose your knife – make sure that it does not look too aggressive. Best of all – a blade of ten to fifteen centimeters. The thickness of the butt should be from three to five millimeters. Sharpening – one-and-a-half (on the one hand fully sharpened, on the other one third) or double-edged. There is no need to serrateor sharpening, not jagged – it will easily get stuck in the clothes of your opponent …

The handle of the right knife beyond the palm goes to the middle of the finger. No sharp corners or protrusions! There are experts who say that notches for fingers are a minus, the possibility of grip is limited. The handle must be flat or oval in cross section: the round one does not allow to determine the position of the blade without looking at the knife.

If the knife is not folding, then it is necessary that the steel of the blade passes along the entire length of the handle. And so that with the limiter, which will help you not to run into the blade, but it is only important that it does not interfere with getting the knife. If the sheath – then without any clasps!

If you choose jackknife – it should be opened with one hand, and in the open position – as securely as possible. A good theme will also be knotted knives – with the handle perpendicular to the blade. Since they are held, putting the blade in front of the fist, between the ring and middle fingers, it is quite difficult to knock out such a knife. In addition, the blade is not long usually – to cause a serious injury less risk.

If a serious conflict is brewing

In the event of a threat, turn on the camera on your phone, or at least record the sound! It is crucially important that the situation and events are fixed and that you can later prove that you really defended yourself. If there are cars nearby, it is also good – DVRs will be able to help. Not to mention CCTV cameras.

After you are convinced that there is a record or vice versa – that it is impossible to carry it out, we pull out your weapon and tell the attackers that they say yes, there is something to defend ourselves. According to statistics, seventy percent of cases of this kind end in the “got a knife for self-defense” stage! And do not shout “cut,” “put,” no threats at all, or they can be used against you.

Self defense

If you are still attacked, try to apply surface-type cuts, avoid deep wounds. Better – cutting blows to the face, but past the eyes. In the hand and forearm, stabbing – in the shoulder. If you cut a person, for example, a cheek, to blood, then he will be interested in his own cheek, and not anything else!

Do not aim at the neck. No need for legs either – there is a risk of damaging a large vessel. In 2003, Alexander Ivannikov hit the rapist in the thigh with the most ordinary penknife: death from blood loss, the article “deliberately causing grievous harm caused by negligence resulting in death”.

And then what?

And as a result of the conflict, an ambulance must be urgently called to the police, and … provide first-aid attackers. Because even if he is accused of causing harm, if he is not classified as self-defense, then the fact that the accused applied a bandage, called an ambulance and the like would be accepted as a mitigating circumstance!

You should also call your acquaintances to the scene, and best of all, a lawyer who will ensure that there are no illegal actions on the part of the police. For example, trying to knock a person out of recognition. The lawyer in such cases comes, reports that the withholding is illegal! If you do not have a lawyer, ask a friend to find him, and do not say anything, do not sign a lawyer before the arrival, you have every right to do so. But the attack statement should be written before the attackers managed to write it! And, of course, no free lawyers. They are always together with the investigation …

Good luck to you, and less armed conflicts, in a word!

Self defense

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