How to Wear a Heavy Backpack: Workout and Recommendations

It is a prerequisite of the race. Built-in skill carry a heavy backpack to know how to do it in the most rational way. Not scary! If you’re right, you’ll take it for you, right?

On the Internet and the literature, you can understand the goals in terms of physical fitness. They also give an idea of ​​what army or hiking backpack, physical training.

My (article’s author, J.S. Dodge – comment perev.) Recommendations applied to wearing a heavy backpack It’s not a problem.Expert Infantry Badge). This is not counting the weight of the equipment. In addition, I recommend the use of shoulder and shoulder system with rusk bag and backpack modified alice.

Start over. I believe that the purpose of training carrying a heavy backpack It can be carried out on the backpack itself, it can be carried out on the back of the bag, it can be taken to It’s a weight loss. For example: unloading weighs 12 kg, and your weight is 80 kg, then the backpack should weigh 28 kg. This is the goal of the backpack at the beginning of training!

So now we know what to strive for, right? Is this achievable in practice? Judge for yourself. If you are a shelter, do you have a shelter? Wait for you, right? It is a fantasy, not a reality. (Editor’s note. It’s not a real experience, nor is it a common sense.) 75% of my weight can be reached. this. What for? Firstly, I’ve come to the weight of life support. It is still possible to continue that I can still do it.

So how are we going to achieve our goal? Here are my quarter-century dictated sentences. wearing a heavy backpack 75% of my body weight (which is 90 kg). If you are a woman, you should be able to walk through the body. Keep track of your performance. It will be necessary to continue the journey. If you are going to go for some weight. The waterskin and finish the transition. Each time in a four-mile workout, increase the distance that you walk before pouring water.

At the next stage of training carrying a heavy backpack add 4.5kg distance, until the distance of the body of your body. You have been able to keep track of the distance.

Tips for “porters“Do not save on your feet and you will be able to relax. It is necessary to make sure that you can’t make it out. It was already a little bit more than that.

It is not even a conclusion. march with a backpack, but with something you need to start. So why not take care of your life.

P.S. Be sure to notify you. I use the radio, because there is no cellular signal.

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Editor’s note

The approach “I carry everything with me” is quite suitable for real survival. It will be your life.

How to Wear a Heavy Backpack: Workout and Recommendations

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