How to weave a rope

There is a kind of “core”. It is not possible practical application. Therefore, they must be separated before work. However, before you start doing nettle rope, it must also be collected and cleaned of leaves and thorns.

Gathering nettle and removing leaves and spines

The middle of the summer for harvesting nettles. By this time, it is possible to obtain long fibers. Which, moreover, will be much stronger than that obtained from the spring nettle. It is also worth noting that it is a shine and greater fiber strength.

It is quite real. If you want to work with large volumes of material. But it prevents you from using extra equipment, such as garden gloves. Hands do not arise so often. Unless you need to fiber, there is nothing else at hand. In any case, the processing technique nettle for ropes is as follows:

  • It is a knife at the root.
  • Grab and hold the ball between your thumb and forefinger. With each hand. Be careful not to prick.
  • This will remove most of the leaves and thorns. Repeat if necessary.

Nettle processing

1. Crush the hollow trunks

This is a picture of the hollow stem. The length length. They were more rigid.

Tightly folded log. It is necessary to knock gently to distribute the central part, but not to damage the bark. This method works if you need to process a large amount of material.

2. Open the flattened trunk

Using nails, split the flattened trunk in half. Separate parts.

3. Separate the individual layers.

Keep the open with the outer side down. It will be intact. After that, start to pull the bark of the nettle down, as in the picture.

Each received half should work separately. There is a quick way to do this. After breaking, hold the “bark” between the thumb and forefinger, and then slowly pull it down. The thumb is in this case. Repeat until ready.

4. Divide the bark into smaller pieces.

It is better to make it. fiber for rope. It can be safely divided into three or even 4 parts without much difficulty. Along with the fibers.

5. Drying nettle

Now rope nettle need to dry. Can circulate freely between the individual strips. If you are a weather conditioner, you need it.

Now these fibers can be made rope from nettle. You can continue to work. But about this, and also about other aspects making ropes with your own hands, read next time.

Source – How to gather and process

DIY rope. Part 3: Treating Nettle Stalks for Making a Rope

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