How to weave a rope?

There are several ways to make a rope. You can use these methods. There are fewer materials that have been processed and, accordingly, less durable materials. But in any case, you need fiber. (Bark, bast) or simply vegetable (flax, hemp, nettle). Woven from wool. It is not necessary for all types of work.

More about materials

Bast – bark. It is a kind of structure, In addition, it doesn’t need to be a long process. If you’re a little girl, you’ll have to do it, and you’ll have to do it. This is the fastest way to make a rope. It is also possible to have a large thickness.

Of birch bark a result like this is achieved only by three or four bands. The tape is wider.

However, the strongest ropes are made from green plant stalks, and they are made for quite some time. This is a must for soaked and dried. The longest is to rinse hemp – It is believed that The situation is similar with flax. The tree of such plants contains a small layer of skin, such as, in fact, is the fibers. It is necessary to ensure that it can be used for a long time in the water. for a long time). It is necessary to thresh flax or hemp (it is a knock on it). If you want to take it out, then make it out.

Two methods are commonly used to make a rope: weaving and twisting. It is a process of making it easier to use. Let’s take a closer look.

Making small twine

For churning a short twine, no special devices are needed, even on an uninhabited island. If you want, you can make it, and you need to make it so that you can make it. For example, it can be tied up. The cabol of a cabol (a strand, a plait from which the rope is twisted). Harnesses are bonded at the ends for convenience. There is a pair of leather necklaces. Twisting the cab is counterclockwise. It can be used in all stages. It is not necessary to break in the process of application.

Fold the rope with your fingers

This method is best suited for making ropes from reeds or rogoza. It has been shown that there has been a lot of effort in the field. Kabols are shifted from one hand to another in the twisting process. It is necessary to increase the number of cabol at the same time. Otherwise, it is the strength of the product. The cables must be broken.

Crochet with hooks

It can be cut from willow or birch. The ends of the hooks should not be about 2-3 times larger than the hooks.

There is something like a figure eight. For the cabol. It goes through several stages:

  1. Tensioning the cabol on the hook;
  2. Rotate clockwise (until you get a strong tourniquet);
  3. It should be noted that the hooks should not be broken.

The process consists of repeating these actions. You need to add another hook. When they are ready, they are dried, twisted and stored in a dry place.

Svazheniya rope using scrap items

It can be slightly smaller than the other. In both pieces, the holes and the holes are made of wood. For example, it can be fixed for example. To twist the rope in this way, you need to make it a bobbin that is made very simply. Four sticks are taken, 50 centimeters should be taken. These sticks are connected crosswise. Then you can add these crosses. You can only insert it in the middle. It is necessary to gently spread it out, winding it out. Then it is necessary to reduce the amount of heat. It is completely filled up for you to use. For twisting strands into a rope, you can use the above methods.

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How to weave a rope?

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