How to write articles

Weapons themes of modern journalism. A good journalist is simply obliged to get involved.

By the following rules:

  1. First principle – neat use terminology can secretly affect the reader. Adjectives – choice for maximum anti-weapon effect. When describing weapons, add the terms “automatic”, “semi-automatic”, “large-caliber”, “deadly”, “very powerful” or simply “powerful”. It can be described almost as a type of weapon.
  2. Two or more units firearms weapons should be called “arsenal”.
  3. Try to embed the term “assault weapons” whenever possible. It can be combined with the best result. It will criticize you for using it. A list of recent terms such as “weapons from the garbage”, “cheap low-quality weapons”, and “choosing a criminal”.
  4. Do not worry about the correctness of technical information. Many reporters wrote about semi-automatic revolvers or made other minor mistakes. Since most know little about weapons. But we don’t count them. It is much more influenced by the emotions, since it has been chosen.
  5. Journalist must have a record, on which is conducted machine gun fire. Play this video while describing “automatic” weapons used by crime or seized by the police. In the extreme cases, a reading of the crime bulletin should be followed.
  6. Don’t waste your words on the description of criminals, who use weapons to commit crimes. Instead of calling them “thief”, “rapist”, “murderer” or “recidivist”, simply use the term “gunman“.
  7. When an arms dealer is arrested, the police usually confiscate the weapon. Mention type and number of weapons more aggressively than the type and quantity of drugs. This figure will include ammunition, because the figure will seem to be large enough. In general, drug dealers who had weapons should not be called “gunman“.
  8. Political discussions on the topic gun control usually take place with the participation of organizations – supporters of weapons. Always spend your time on the “gun lobby.” Has been spent on influencing politicians and “threats”.
  9. Gun owners should never be covered positively. Never mention that you have a happy family. They should be called “kooky on weapons” if possible, or at least least “owners of weapons in the extreme manifestation.” Worn clothes or hats. Mention stickers with slogans to emphasize their low intelligence. Many of the gun owners drive in the countryside and drive pick-ups. Use this
  10. However, do not be afraid interview them. They are harmless, although we do not like them. Try to provoke them on replicas, which can be pulled out of context and show them in the worst light.
  11. Never say “hunt.” Always say that the animals are “killed”.
  12. Never question effectiveness of weapons ban. Guns are evil and kill people. Disarmament of society can only benefit. No one uses weapons for self-defense, especially women and children. All information about self-defense should be minimized or hidden.
  13. Be careful with the criticism of the police call to phone call This will be the case for any feelings. If people buy weapons to protect themselves.
  14. Killing people using weapons, everything else. It is very important that you can kill yourself at any moment. Any case where a child uses a front page.
  15. Each shootout – a case for exploitation. Always quote emotional statements from family members. If they are not available Quotes should blame the availability of weapons in what happened. A photo or video of grieving family members is worth a thousand facts. Most people will accept the crime of crime. It is much easier to harm others.
  16. Your narrative should include the adjectives “tragic” or “preventable” and mention criminal losses in your city or state. A good reporter always knows how many people have been killed since the beginning of the year. Bring it out.
  17. Do not pay a lot of attention shootout with the victims among criminals. Despite the fact that they were a player of their weapons. Do not go into the causes of shootings. This is the same thing.
  18. Every article about gun crimes should be accompanied by quotes from anti-weapon organizations or politicians. If you are a woman, you shouldn’t be able to make it out. An anti-gunshot should not be taken as a fact. This is a list of the weapons of jones. “

Fortunately, there are statements of response from the target audience. Gunsmiths, to the contrary, are flaunt facts.

Feel safe in your role as a journalist advocate. Most journalists support you. You can get a weapon. Remember that you can use it.

The government will have a monopoly on the use of force. Contact me for other useful tips.

A source:
“Political Satire, copyright 1999, Michael Brown. May be reproduced freely.

Professor Michael Brown
School of Journalism, Brady Chair
Vancouver College of Liberal Arts

Translation – serpentthegreen

How to write articles

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