How was killed academician Legasov, who was investigating the Chernobyl disaster

“There were people who, knowing their ill health, played this card

The second anniversary Chernobyl academician Valery legasov was found dead in his apartment: suicide. The scientist spent the next day at the Chernobyl disaster. What caused the departure of Legasov from life?

It was an unacceptable situation for a nuclear power plant. He spent in the war on the 4th block. By grabbing a dose of radiation at 100 rem.

Valery Legasov. Photo: MK archiveValery Legasov. Photo: MK archive

It was Legasov.

The radioactive cloud rushed towards Europe as well. The Soviet Union was threatened with multi-million dollar claims. But after the IAEA expert conference in Vienna, which lasted 5 hours, the attitude towards the USSR softened.

The truth is Chernobyl. He was nominated for the text.

On April 27, 1988, Academician Legasov was found dead …

“At school, the security organs were interested in him”

Stands at number 56 for the schoolchildren of the Moscow school, graduated from 1954 with a gold medal. Hip-rimmed glasses, with a book in their hands. Look – serious, focused. It was a schoolchildren hurrying to classes. They always remembered their famous pupil here. And at a time when the name of the academician was hushed up.

The future academician came to the 56th school in 1949, in the 6th grade. Then it was school. In the basement floor there was a weather station.

– Their release in 1954 was called “gold”. 8 students graduated from school with a gold medal, including Valery Legasov. His graduation essay was recognized as the best in the city, ”says Christian Molotov, history teacher. – He was a born leader. Being the eighth grader, he became secretary of the Komsomol school organization. At the same time rewrote the charter of the Komsomol. Presented its own, more democratic project. Legasov interested in security. Peter Sergeevich Okounkov rose to his defense. In 1953, Stalin died, the thaw began. And Valery Legasov miraculously escaped serious trouble.

Yeltsin B, N. and Legasov V.A. Two years before the Chernobyl disasterYeltsin B, N. and Legasov V.A. Two years before the Chernobyl disaster

It was a school medalist that he chose to make it.

He was a graduate school, where he was produced for nuclear weapons. A large group of graduates followed him to Seversk.

Fate gave Valery Alekseevich Legasov a lot, and then took it away. At 36, he became a doctor of chemical sciences, at 45 – a full member of the Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the title of the State Prize and the Lenin Prizes.

In 1984, it was a disaster disaster struck.

“I’m losing dad”

The nuclear power plant: “1, 2, 3, 4”. The specialists understood that they had arisen at the station.

He was an expert. Many then wondered why Chernobyl from the Kurchatov Institute. There were many who believed that the chemist was simply framed.

“The father should not have been in Chernobyl,” says Inga Valerevna Legasova. – He had a specialty “physical chemistry”, he was engaged in explosives. April 26th was Saturday. His father was sitting at a meeting of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Anatoly Petrovich is called on the “turntable”. It was necessary to include some of the scientists in the government commission. All the other secrets from the Kurchatov Institute were out of reach. And the government plane was already ready. He went on a trip to Chernobyl.

It was recommended that helicopters should be filled with coal mine.It was recommended that helicopters should be filled with coal mine.

It turned out that it turned out to be a successively. The reactor is completely destroyed.

Experience didn’t exist.

Academician Legasov was working in those days at a crash site. Possessing official corrosiveness and fearlessness.

Thanks to Legasov, it has been possible to determine how it has been reacted to. In fact, it was 2500 tons, it was going to.

It was necessary to prevent emissions of radioactive aerosols into the atmosphere.

Anatoly Alexandrov advises in the field. But there wasn’t much x-rays per hour.

Diagnostics. Legasov V.A., Shikolov V.F.Diagnostics. Legasov V.A., Shikolov V.F.

It was a legacy of a batch of minerals. And backed it up with necessary calculations.

“Sealing” the reactor, the helicopter pilots dropped more than 5 thousand tons of materials into it. He was 5-6 times a day. X-rays per-hour scale off

Legasov worked as an obsessive person; he often left the dosimeter in the locker room, didn’t warp X-rays.

– I worked with my son, where I worked for the disaster. I was on vacation, ”says Inga Valerievna. – One mother met us. She had such a face that I immediately asked: “What is with dad?” Mom said: “I’m losing him.” He knew the nature of her. He was the scientist. He understood perfectly well. It is impossible to estimate the scale of the disaster. It was impossible. A sense of responsibility drove him forward. He had no need to consult with. And there was no time for advice.

It was a woman’s conviction. It was his initiative. In urgent order, they were taken out of order, and saved many lives.

There is no reliable information about what happened in Chernobyl. It would be possible to learn how to behave. Valery Alekseevich’s proposal was not created.

The city is empty. Only liquidators worked at the site.The city is empty. Only liquidators worked at the site.

– We didn’t want to disclose information. “It was the point where the father had to go,” says Inga Valerievna. It is clear how it is clear how to behave.

He returned to Moscow on May 5. Worse, bald, with a characteristic “Chernobyl tan” – a darkened face and hands. There are no problems.

“As the forty first year, but still in the worst version”

From the tape recordings, dictated by Academician Legasov: “At the station – such unavailability, such disorder, such fear. As forty first year, but still in the worst variant. With the same despair, with the same lack of readiness … “

It was not until the meeting of the politburo. The second composition of the composition.

He returned home already on May 13 with a hoarse voice, incessant coughing and insomnia.

“After his return from Chernobyl, his eyes became extinct,” says Inga Valerievna. – He’s very thin. Against the background could not eat. He understood the scale of the tragedy and nothing else but Chernobyl disaster, could not think. It has been noted that there has been a disagreement. His proposal was not taken seriously. They said, what do they say? It’s clear that you’ve been recovering from a disaster.

Legasov V.A. Fight for & quot; Chernobyl & quot; the truthLegasov V.A. The struggle for the “Chernobyl” truth

In the meantime, the lists were submitted for the liquidation of the accident. Mikhail Gorbachev, the CPSU Central Committee, personally struck out, “citing the fact that other scientists do not advise.” Valery Alekseevich was from the Kurchatov Institute, where the RBMK-1000 reactor was designed. Legasov had not yet worked at the institute.

– It was upset that he was not awarded. But he was not ambitious, ”says Inga Valeryevna. – He was a man of action, action and result. Although he had both government awards and state awards.

“Not everyone liked the truth about Chernobyl”

In August 1986, a special meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held in Vienna. More than 500 experts from 62 countries gathered at the event. “At the embrasure” again threw Legasova.

5 hours. There were 2 volumes of materials. Valery Alekseevich Made it true and open. He spoke, without fear of reputation. The experts were amazed by the Soviet academician. When Legasov finished his speech, he was greeted standing up and even handed the flag of the IAEA.

It was expected that experts would compensate for the damage caused by the radioactive cloud. Radionuclides of iodine and cesium were separated in a large part of European territory.

Chernobyl. He saved his country from multimillion-dollar lawsuits.Chernobyl. He saved his country from multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

“The situation was really difficult,” says Inga Valerievna. – He shouldn’t go to the meeting of the IAEA either. Gorbachev had a report about what happened in Chernobyl. But, as far as I know, I’m a scientist. A whole group of specialists worked on the report. He was preparing before our eyes. Father often took the documents home. Scientists and specialists stayed in our house for several days. Father repeatedly checked all the numbers. He personally had to make sure that they were all absolutely true. Report was very detailed and very honest.

The Soviet diplomat in Vienna warned him that the situation was rather unfriendly. The world community is negatively opposed to both the country and the speaker. Waited for Gorbachev. But when they learned, it was a disaster.

Shouting something from their seats. But it was a deathly silence. Legasov listened with bated breath. And they wrote down the numbers for him. The report lasted 5 hours, Without a break. It is not clear about the situation in the Soviet Union. Already then he had the idea of ​​creating an institution for security.

But not everyone liked the truth about Chernobyl. For example, it was extremely dissatisfied with the independence of the Academician Legasov. (By the report by Nikolai Ryzhkov, bypassing Minsredmash.) It was approved.

– Such opinions really were. This was discussed in our family. “Inga Valeryevna. – They gave the information that was resolved. And the report was honest. It is not a matter of humanity. I think this is not a matter of some secret data. The report in the IAEA had a great response. He entered the top ten best scientists in the world. This is caused by a serious jealousy of his colleagues.

With his thinking and frank speech, Valery Legasov ahead of his time. Restructuring and publicity will come later.With his thinking and frank speech, Valery Legasov ahead of his time. Restructuring and publicity will come later.

And then he saw his successor … “Classical” physicists

Legasov began to persecute … He was different. Kept it simple, while often violated subordination. He said that he would not work. At the reception.

Legasov was a stranger. Long before the accident, he drew attention to the imperfection of the RBMK reactors. He said that they are depleted in control systems and diagnostics. This is a lot of graphite, a lot of zirconium and water. And there are no operator-independent protection systems. At the same time he proposed solutions, which undermined the foundations of the existing academic structure. What couldn’t arouse the rage of academicians-reactionaries.

When they were shouting around: “Further, higher, faster!”, Valery Alekseevich urged to think: “And at what price?”

From the tape recordings, dictated by Academician Legasov: “what happened in my safe. Frosts on the skin when you read them. One asks another: “It’s a way out, how can I be?” “

It is a process of energy risk.

“They spoke bluntly:” Legasov rolled out the guns. He doesn’t expect from him, ”Igor Kuzmin, Ph.D. recalled. – As a result, they were transferred to the Institute of Physics in Belarus, which was outside of business. They allegedly showed a state-of-the-art approach to their country’s rear areas. “

But he didn’t choose the building for the institute. I told my colleagues: “Once but a breeding mice …”

Academician visited the emergency nuclear power plant 7 times. He was unwell: dry cough and headaches.

At Legasova immunity is weakened. At the same time, he continued working 12 hours a day.At Legasova immunity is weakened. At the same time, he continued working 12 hours a day.

September 1, 86th Valery Legasov turned 50 years old. Academician of Socialist Labor. Alekseevich was reminded of the accident. As a result, he received from the ministry only nominal hours “Glory”.

Soon, in Valery Legasov. It was clear that the bone marrow was affected.

In the hospital, the academician was visited by friends. Margarita Mikhailovna chow-chow dog Thomas Liu. He was both a woman, a girlfriend and a nurse.

“Everything is burned inside me”

Has been taken in the spring of 1987. Voting was secret. 100 people voted for Valery Alekseevich, 129 voted against. Legasov once again faced open hostility.

The Margarita Mikhailovna, the wife of the academician, recalled that he had experienced a deep psychological crisis.

“It came as a complete surprise to my father,” says Inga Valerievna, in turn. – Didn’t know how to react to it. It is a plan.

He has become a numb. Doctors stated that he had reacted depression … But he was washed with a stomach, rescued.

In that difficult period, the academician confessed to his friends: “Everything inside me is burned.”

“After the Chernobyl catastrophe, my father, a lot of people,” said Inga V. – He was a patriot, seriously worried about what happened. He was worried about unborn children abandoned in the animal exclusion zone. This is an agitated mercy, which was inherent in him from the inside.

photo: ru.wikipedia.orgphoto:

And on April 27, 1988, in his home office. The official version is suicide.

On April 28, the Chernobyl disaster. According to some information, that was the eraser.

– I do not know what was erased. The family has been preserved. “Inga Valerievna. There’s a lot of transcripts on the Internet, ”he says.

It didn’t find confirmation. He was involved in a state of depression.

“The system and the flock that protected it,” said Yuri Ustynyuk, a professor at Moscow State University after Lomonosov.

“It was no direct result. But there were people, he was an athlete, 1988, an academician of Feoktistov.

“We understand that person is dying,” says Inga Valerievna, in turn. – Father gradually stopped sleeping. Very thin. Radiation sickness is a terrible thing. It would be perfectly clear. He probably didn’t want to be a mom. He adored her. Until the last day he wrote poems to her, confessed his love.

She received her husband in Chernobyl. On Valery Alekseevich’s “account” there were 100 rem, while the account was 25.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The country didn’t need her heroes.

Only the title of the Hero of Russia.
“It was kept in the Legasov family. Heavy consolation. After all, everything could have been different, ”the physico-Chemical Institute named after Karpov.

Grave Legasova at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.Grave Legasova at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

He added that he was saving his life.

How they killed

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