Hunting and fishing

Wandering through the Internet I have been stumbled upon several clever methods of hunting and fishing. Every survivor should know this.

Fishing with panties and biscuits

Equipment: panties, rusk.
Application technique:
1) put a cracker between the buttocks
2) go higher
3) when the fish starts ashore

Catching a hare on a red brick

Equipment: red brick, stump, red pepper.
Application technique:
1) put a brick on a stump, sprinkle with red pepper
2) The hare runs through the forest, sees a brick, thinks: “What is this? Maybe a morkwah ?! ”, Approaches the brick and sniffs it. It makes it possible to make it out.
3) we select a coma, we finally get it.

Tiger fishing on plywood

Equipment: plywood sheet, hammer.
Application technique:
1) draw a goat of plywood (well, or another, interesting for a tiger – in terms of devouring a pet)
2) where to go
3) a tiger sees a goat, throws at it, sticks claws into plywood
4) using a hammer, we’re tangling on the back of a plywood sheet. It is impossible to escape.

Bearing bearing

Equipment: hairpin with a length of 2.5 meters, nut.
Application technique:
1) A 2.5-meter long threaded rod is screwed into the tree trunk.
2) It is carefully covered with honey.
3) The hunter hides in the bushes.
4) A bear comes from a stud. As you lick, the stud goes deeper into the bear’s mouth.
5) After all, it’s not like you’ve been stranded, but you’re strangering it up.
6) Bear caught.

Catching flies on the closet

Equipment: wardrobe.
Application technique:
1) A week (in summer, of course) doesn’t take out the dishes.
2) When open the window. Flies
3) Quickly push them off at the cabinet.

Hunting and fishing

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