Hunting crossbow with his own hands. Making a homemade underwater crossbow

A hunting crossbow is an excellent weapon for getting food in the forest, as well as a means of survival in extreme conditions. It differs from ordinary onion by more accurate sighting, better striking power and ease of use due to the presence of the trigger mechanism. The advantage of such a weapon compared to the others is that it can be made independently, you do not need to get a special permit like a gun, and the simplest crossbow with your own hands can be done in minutes, if time does not tolerate. Among the drawbacks, it is possible to note the time spent on reloading, as well as a small distance for the sight on the target.

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  • 3Homemade Spring Crossbow

Homemade crossbow for hunting

The homemade crossbow allows you to hunt any game, from small to large animals. The hunting crossbow has the following design:

  • The basis to which other elements will be attached with a guide bar. This bar determines the flight path of the bolt (boom).
  • Shoulders, or bow: determines the strength of the shot.
  • A block that attaches the base to the bow.
  • Trigger mechanism.
  • Bowstring.

Hunting crossbow with his own handsThe base is cut from durable wood, but not heavy, so that hands do not get tired of carrying a weapon. Ideal for base material are beech and walnut. In the wild there is no time to cut a beautiful base, but you need to try to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself. The guide bar is a groove where the arrow will fit. It should not create friction when the bolt (arrow) is moving, therefore, after fastening it, it is necessary to walk with sandpaper or a polishing wheel to grind its surface. You can make it separately, using a metal tube, cut in half, but under marching conditions it is easier to cut a deep chute at the base of the structure. It is better if the bed and the guide are separated from each other.

The arms of the crossbow are an important constructive part. A simple crossbow with his own hands has a classic design of a bow: the string is attached statically to the shoulders, it transmits the power of a shot from them to the arrow. For the manufacture of onions you need to use flexible wood, which will keep the shape without breaking from the numerous bends: ash, maple, acacia. The shoulders are hemmed out with a knife symmetrically and so that their base has a larger diameter in the girth than the edges. At the edges you need to heft mounts for bowstrings. To attach the bow to the base, you need to make a block.

Usually block for fastening the base and the bow is made of metal. In traveling conditions there is no such possibility, therefore the simplest model of a hunting crossbow can have a wooden block. For this you need a solid tree, ideally – oak. A pad is attached to the base, then a bow is attached. Everything is connected to a single structure with screws, nails, or strong rope.

For the implementation of the shot you need to make a trigger. In order to embed the trigger, you need to make a vertical slot at the base. Above this slot, you need to attach a retaining bar to prevent the bowstring from accidentally slipping.

For bowstrings you need to use durable, but not too elastic material. For this fit: fabric, wire, fibrous plants, bark, horsehair, tendons or animal skin. Using these materials, you need to weave the string with the method of pigtails, hair, skin and tendons can be used in its original form. After the string is put in place, the self-made crossbow for hunting is ready.

Instead of arrows, like a bow, bolts are used here, which are more damaging. Their production is made from durable and elastic material. The bolt must have a perfect shape, and the center of gravity must be in the first third of the shaft. All bolts must have the same length and weight, otherwise the result of the shots will always be different. Good bolts are made of fiberglass telescopic rods. The tip is made of metal sheet, cut with scissors for metal. The tip is smeared with epoxy glue and inserted into the kerf at the end of the shaft.

Homemade crossbow for underwater hunting

There is an opinion that what is often mistakenly called an “underwater crossbow” is rather a weapon operating on the principle of a slingshot for fishing under water. The crossbow is not suitable for underwater hunting, because the resistance of the water will not allow to make a good shot. Nevertheless, you can build a self-made crossbow for spearfishing in the sense that you can shoot fish from above, in shallow water, and under water.

Homemade Underwater CrossbowA self-made underwater crossbow is, in fact, a rubber combat rifle. There is also a pneumatic weapon, but it is difficult to assemble it yourself; special skills and abilities will be required.

The underwater weapon consists of the following structural elements:

  • Lever
  • The foundation
  • Trigger mechanism
  • Headband
  • Harpoon
  • Rubber cords and hooks

The principle of operation of the device is that the projectile pushes the harpoon and returns it by means of rubber cords. The barrel is cylindrical or irregular in shape. His task is not only to hold the guide, but also to resist the bending loads created by rubber cords.

The underwater crossbow guide serves to stabilize the harpoon. It is better to make it from an aluminum pipe, divided into two parts. One of them must be attached at the head of the gun, the second – at a distance of about 10 cm from it. A harpoon must pass through them without hindrance. Headband can be open or closed. In the first case, ring yarns are attached, in the second – paired ones. When using annular rubber strands, the harpoon will accelerate more than doubles. Unbalanced power strands either will not allow you to create enough force to fly the harpoon, or will create an excessive load on the trunk bend. Attachments should be attached to each side of the coil holder, securing the clamps. The second end of the strands must be passed through a special ring, it will be more convenient to shoot with it.

Depending on the size and power of the gun, the harpoon has a different length and thickness. The hooks on it are of the type of cut or sharptin. The dihedral shape of the harpoon is less blunt, and the triangular has a higher penetrating power. The device handle on a homemade crossbow – an individual matter, it may not be. If you intend to hunt for large fish, there must be a reel. The most convenient way to install the coil in the front end of the barrel.

Homemade Spring Crossbow

Homemade Spring CrossbowSpring crossbow is different from the usual in that the shot from it is carried out due to the elasticity of the bow. For the manufacture of such a model, you can use the available materials: spring mesh from the old bed, spring treated with grinders, shock absorbers from the wheels of the bicycle. The spring of this type of crossbow can be located inside the bed, there may be two on each shoulder or one on both shoulders. The spring inside the box is small in size, it is convenient to carry and use such weapons in the forest. The spring can be used not only in tension, but also in compression, and by increasing the number of turns you can adjust the tension force of the string. A spring projectile can be built if you slightly retool your crossbow with a conventional device.

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