Hunting dogs, breeds, dog training, veterinary care, feeding, rules for testing hunting dogs, allowance.

game. A dog is also needed to feed from water or search for wounded animals. Hunting with hounds, incomparable in excitement, or hunting for swamp game, or hunting on a hole – everywhere you need trained, thoroughbred hunting dogs.

But if the owner cannot devote enough time and energy to the correct training of the dog, caring for it and, mainly, hunting, then such a dog may lose its hunting qualities and continue to be of no value either in hunting or in breeding.

Therefore, a hunter who decides to get a dog should first of all correctly assess his abilities, the areas where he will have to hunt, and choose a breed based on reasonable considerations. Of course, with a husky you can also hunt a duck, but this is not enough for it, and if there is little protein, netunica and pine forest in the fields, it is better to choose a more specialized waterfowl.

Many people want to get a greyhound, this dog is really magnificent, but not everyone can provide her with appropriate care, mainly training, and without it the dog degrades, loses its best qualities. A person who decides to get a greyhound should live in open areas rich in hare, it is advisable to keep a good horse, or, in extreme cases, be able to often go to such places.

The contents of the book Hunting dogs, breeds, dog training, veterinary care, feeding, rules for testing hunting dogs.

Greyhounds are like hunting dogs. T. Gabidzashvili, A. Mikhalskaya

Russian canine greyhound
Standard Russian Canine Greyhound
Hortaya greyhound
Standard horty greyhound
South Russian (steppe) greyhound
Standard of the South Russian (steppe) greyhound
Central Asian greyhounds: basins and taigan
Basin Standard
Taigan Standard
Greyhound maintenance and field training

Hounds are like hunting dogs. Yu. Zhuravlev

European hounds
Russian hounds
Russian hound standard
Standard Russian pinto hound
Estonian hound standard
Hunting qualities of hounds
Selection and education of the hound puppy
Hunting with hounds

Huskies are like hunting dogs. Yu. Zhuravlev

The origin of huskies
Karelian-Finnish husky standard
Russian-European husky standard
West Siberian husky standard
East Siberian husky standard
Choosing, raising and raising a puppy husky
Squirrel grooming. Hunting qualities like
Sable and marten grooming
Poultry game
Chorus and mink grooming
Hoofed animals
Bear Trimming
Duck Care

Burrowing dogs. D. Alexandrov

Fox Terrier – Smooth
Fox Terrier – Wire
Welsh terrier
Yagd terrier
Burrowing of burrowing dogs
Hunting with burrow dogs

Pointing dogs like hunting dogs. A. Chislov

English setter
Irish setter
Scottish setter
German Shorthair Pointing Dog – Kurzhaar
German Wire-haired Pointing Dog – Drathaar
Parenting, home training and training in the field
First lessons. Primary and secondary teams
Testing the “lay” command
Practicing urination
Dog’s place in the hunter’s house
Walking at the foot
Forward command
The command is “impossible”
Flair detection and the “seek”
Nataska the first-class gundog
Shot training
First Field Hunt
Further training and hunting in the second field

Spaniels are like hunting dogs. A. Yarkin

Origin and breed of spaniels
English Cocker Spaniel
English springer spaniel
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Irish Water Spaniel
Clumber spaniel
Sussex spaniel
Field spaniel
Other breeds of spaniels
Nataska spaniels
Hunting with a Spaniel

Dog training. Yu. Zhuravlev

Sit command
Lay command
Stand command
The command “next” (“back”)
The team “to me”
Gesture (forward command)
Slow motion, short work
Learning to calmly deal with shots and other strong irritants
Voice cast

Veterinary care. E. Pirogova

How to determine if a dog is sick
Body temperature measurement
Count respiration rate
How to weigh a dog
How to give medicine
How to do injections
How to induce vomiting
How to put a cleansing enema
Home Veterinary Kit
Help for poisoning
Help with burns and frostbite
Help the dog with heat and sunstroke
Helping the dog relax or stop breathing
Bee and wasp stings
Snake bites
Foreign objects in organs and tissues
Help with bleeding
Wound healing and dressing
Help the dog with fractures and dislocations
Sprain Aid
Infectious diseases
About Vitamins
Puberty. Sexual cycle
Caring for newborn puppies
False fraud
Breast inflammation
Preventive measures for dogs in the birth and postpartum periods
Outdoor parasites

Feeding the dogs. Yu. Zhuravlev

How to feed a dog
How to cook food
Feeding schedule
Puppy feeding

Horse of the canine hunter. Yu. Zhuravlev

What requirements must a hunting horse meet?
Horse shooting
Horse care

Test Rules for Hunting Dogs

Rules for conducting tests and competitions of hunting dogs
Greyhound Test Rules
1. In the free beast
2. Dogs sitting “on malice”
Test rules for hunting huskies
1. By squirrel, marten, sable, capercaillie, black grouse and pheasant
2. By mink, polecat, column and ermine
3. For elk and deer
4. According to the decoy bear
5. In the wild boar
Test Rules for Hunting Dogs
1. By waterfowl
2. On a boar
3. Bloodstained
Hound Dog Test Rules
Test rules for burrowing dogs
1. On a fox in an artificial hole
2. On a fox in a natural hole
3. Badger in artificial hole
Dog Testing Rules
1. In the swamp and field game
2. In the forest (pine forest)
Test rules for marsh, field and pine forest spaniels

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