Hunting dogs: what to look for when choosing?

Choosing a breed of dog for hunting take into account, not only the type of fishing, but also the psychological compatibility of the animal with the owner. The character, temperament, habits of the owner must correspond to the behavior of the dog.

  •  Which dog to choose for hunting?
  • 2Norie breeds
    • 2.1 Fox Terrier
    • 2.2Taksa
  • 3Led
    • 3.1 Pointer
    • 3.2 Setter
  • 4Gonchie
    • 4.1Russian Hound
    • 4.2Russian Pinto Hound
  • 5Borzye
    • 5.1 Russian canine
    • 5.2 Khortaya greyhound
  • 6Best Universal Hunting Dog – Labrador

 Which dog to choose for hunting?

Keeping a hunting dog and preparing it for work to residents of city apartments is problematic. In the countryside, not far from hunting sites, it is easy to keep such breeds. The process of training hunting dogs involves physical stress on the owner. However, not everyone is ready for this.

Russian HoundRepresentatives of the breed inherited the following qualities:

  • Balanced.
  • Indifferent to pets.
  • Obedient.
  • Not tireless at work.
  • Hardy Able to pursue prey 24 hours a day with short rest periods.
  • Have a great flair.
  • Possess a strong, clear voice.
  • They do not give the beast time to entangle traces; they must be faster than the most nimble predator.
  • In pursuit they are guided on the trail, do not lag behind the beast for more than 1 minute.

Russian Pinto Hound

Mining a wild beast with this breed is a fascinating process. Dogs are great snoops. At the command of the owner begin to look for game. Finding a trail, the dogs walk on it until they catch the victim. Then begins the persecution, which is accompanied by ringing barking. The sound hunter is guided in which direction to move to shoot the prey.

Hortaya GreyhoundCharacter friendly, but freedom-loving. Smart and easy to manage. No problem living in a pack with other dogs.

The best universal dog for hunting – Labrador

Labrador hunters are considered universal fishermen. They have an excellent scent. Dogs are superior to other breeds with a combination of a highly developed sense of smell and memory. They note and remember where the game lies, quickly find it and bring it to the owner. The peculiarity of the dog is a soft mouth. The prey takes carelessly does not damage the fur.

LabradorDogs are excellent in walking hunt on a blood trail, for example, a bear. Effective in hunting pens and ravine. Have proven themselves in the fishery for birds (duck, goose, partridge, pheasant) and small animals: hare, rabbit, fox.

Owners of thick undercoat are hardy in bad weather and in cold water. In the autumn-winter period, without any problems, they get game from reservoirs. Used in open areas and in dense thickets.

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